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This report is focusing mainly on the identification of stakeholders in the canadian rockies, asses their inetrests, goals, and priorities in a sustainable way, assessing the effectiveness of current strategies for stakeholders management, Analyse it, focus on the level of power of each stakeholder. And finally, look into what their stake is, every stakeholder have a stake for which its level of interest is attached. Stakeholder is the group or the body that can affect or be affected directly or indirectly by the action of the business as a whole Bleasdale Module class 3rd week, and Stakeholders Analysis (SA) is the â€Å"identification of a projects key stakeholders, an assessment of their interests and the ways in which these interests affect project riskiness and viability† (DfiD, 1995). Buttresing this point on Stakeholders Analysis, Grimble and welllard define stakeholders analysis as â€Å"a historical approach or procedure for gaining an understanding of a system and assesing the impact of changes to that system† cited in Hardy and Beeton: pg175. And Freeman’s 1984 book Strategic Management – A Stakeholder Approach is often cited as the pivotal study that gave the Stakeholder analysis its momentum as an issue of importance in the organisational context (Freeman and McVea, 2001; Kaler, 2004). Sustainable tourism can simply be defined as Therefore, Canadian Stakeholders are very important when Tourism is critically analysed in Canada, Stakeholders are the most essential group that deal directly with the tourism of any country, proceeding to analysing powerful stakeholders in canada ranging from the the Aboriginals which are the indiginous first people, the Canadian Governments, Tourists, Host Community, Media, British columbia state Governments, Local Authorities and National Park Authorities just to mention a few.

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A Critical Evaluation of Myself

Life is a continuous succession of events. The happiest incidents always linger in our minds as sweet memories. The most memorable incident in my life is the transition of Hong Kong into an integral part of the great country China. This brought about great changes in the life style and the political affairs of the people.I am proud to be a Chinese citizen now. Actually, I was born in Shanghai and brought up in Hong Kong. I consider myself to be very lucky to be the part of a very large country with a glorious past and a rich cultural heritage. The ‘great wall of china’ is one of the greatest wonders of the world. This beautiful structure clearly demonstrates the glory and power of ancient China.Growing up in modern Hong Kong was a great opportunity. Hong Kong has an international culture firmly rooted in age-old Chinese traditions. Life in Hong offers a fine blend of tradition and modernity. My life itself is proof of this wonderful fusion.Though I come from a traditiona l family, I was given the freedom to choose my life and pursue my career. I chose to major in art for my graduation. This may appear a bit odd for a person living in a commercial metropolis like Hong Kong. My ambition is to become a great artist. I believe I can achieve my dream because I am a very imaginative person. My specialization is photography and each time before I take a picture, I imagine how it would look like. This critical thinking power has greatly helped me to become an excellent photographer.All great countries are built upon the solid foundations of their culture. A number of great kings belonging to different dynasties who ruled China built up its great traditions. I love the Tong dynasty very much because they had developed China into a very powerful nation. Today China is a modern nation built upon the foundation of its tradition and culture.The success of a country is defined by its harmonious blending of the past and the present as in the case of Japan as well. The Japanese are rooted in history and tradition, but they are ready to embrace the new as my Japanese friend Satoko Nishikawa (2009) says: â€Å" In the city, there are tall buildings and old temples next to each other.Japanese culture is very traditional but at the same time people like to embrace the new. Japanese try to find a guide into tomorrow by taking lessons from the past†. Similarly, my other Japanese friend, Lidia Asato talks about the advantages of the fusion or blending of two diametrically opposed cultures. Born and brought up in Peru, Lidia   Asato (2009) though a full-blooded Japanese, grew up imbibing the Peruvian culture. Unlike the Japanese who are low profile and disciplined, the Peruvians are extroverts with a sense of humor.Mylinh Phu (2009), my Vietnamese friend also believes in accepting other culture without losing one’s own identity by declaring that â€Å"I grew up in America but I am proud to be a Vietnamese.   I still maintain my own culture by teaching my children how to speak Vietnamese†. This attitude is a clear proof of the power of critical thinking in myself as well as in my friends.

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Life’s Greatest Miracle Essay

â€Å"Life’s Greatest Miracle†_ details the reproductive process from start to finish. It starts by discussing the crucial role DNA plays when it comes to reproduction, its so important due to DNA holding the chromosomes that give each human unique physical traits. From there they begin discussing the process of meiosis, the process of male sperm and female eggs. They describe sperm being more about quantity, whereas the female egg is all about quality. When the male sperm and a female egg meet, they create a union of chromosomes, taking unique traits from both the male and female, creating an individual that has unique traits. The documentary also makes use of microimagery, which gives the viewer very detailed and real time photos of the process that is a new human life and what it looks like during the developmental phases. From this point, they begin discuss the journey sperm takes upon sexual intercourse and the difficult nature of fertilization. It is amazing to think, that at the very beginning of ones conception you are a single cell. A single tiny cell that nature and nurture takes over and the same tiny cells grow to be strong and powerful enough to produce bones, vital organs and a brain over the course of only nine months. Throughout these entire discussions and processes, the documentary does not overwhelm you with scientific jargon and due to the nature of the subject; it was not as  uncomfortable as one might then when watching. It also helped that during the  entire documentary of the films and going through the scientific side of reproduction that they had a real time couple discussing their experience of pregnancy from start to finish. This made the material much easier to understand. These real life examples gave the documentary another dimension. This was actually my third time watching this documentary, after watching it once in High School and again in a previous college class. Their wasn’t exactly a shock factor or the material didn’t overwhelm me, which is seems to do to many people when they first watch it. After watching it though, it provokes your thoughts about the concept of life and the wonders of how in nine short months; two people can create a new life. Overall the material of reproduction, I agree with. I mean what is there to disagree with exactly? Reproduction is a scientific process like it or not. Yes, there are some unknowns and minor details that we might never find out. Unless you have some of your own beliefs about reproduction and life I just don’t see or understand how somebody could disagree and argue with the science and knowledge we have established in the process of reproduction. Also the video does increase the viewers’ knowledge of our beginnings. Many people know the concept of reproduction, and man has sexual intercourse with a women and if she is fertile, a baby can be conceived, whoever the documentary breaks down the science behind reproduction in detail, but like a stated previously they do an excellent job of not overwhelming the viewer with scientific jargon and the real-life couple they have speaking about their own pregnancy from beginning to birth makes it much easier to understand. Yes, I would recommend this video to another group of students. It was an excellent documentary on the process of reproduction and development. I would recommend this to be watched by future diversity classes and defiantly any type of sexuality class. The material is very informative, and something that any mature class can watch and understand without any issues.

In cold blood final section Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

In cold blood final section - Essay Example The final chapter shows how Dick and Perry’s relationship turned from being partners in crime into just mutual toleration of each other. They barely talk to each other even though stay in adjoining cells. Additionally, Perry keeps to himself because he does not like Andrews who keeps correcting his grammar while being overheard by the guards and their fellow inmates. Perry eventually stops eating and is taken to the prison hospital for IV administration. Still, he refuses to benefit from the IV, almost psychologically, as he wants to kill himself before having others take his life from him. A sudden turn of events occurred when Perry is informed that his father sent an inquiry about him through the jail warden. From then, Perry decides to go on living and just waits for the sentence to decide for his life. On the other hand, Dick busies himself by writing several letters of appeal stating an unfair trial given to both him and Perry. The case is re-opened, mainly to protect Kan sas Courts’ reputation, resulting in the judge delaying the execution date. On the final pages of the chapter, the author narrates Perry’s bitterness and resentment over letters that Dick receives, but refuses to accept any visitors except for Capote --- the book’s author. After several years, the appeal reaches the U.S. Supreme Court, but hearing is denied.

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Dales Auto and Body Shop Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Dales Auto and Body Shop - Case Study Example It is projected to grow into a business with 3 locations with $9 million in sales by the third year. DABS auto and body repair services will be similar to those offered by other establishments but it differentiates itself from competition with the unique kind of customer-oriented service that it offers. This customer-oriented service excellence is anchored on three commitments: high quality service, with extensive warranties; customer convenience, speedy repairs, comfortable waiting area, customer shuttle to name a few; and customer-oriented service personnel, highly-competent, friendly, eager to share auto tips. Dale Brown is at the helm of DABS with his strong technical background in the auto repair and parts sales industry. Henry White will oversee sales and marketing. Aside from his technical expertise, he has worked long years with a major car dealership. James Black, also a technical expert, will oversee finance and administration. He has served many years in that capacity for one of the biggest car manufacturers. DABS is an exciting business opportunity that will be led by a seasoned management team, all of whom have extensive industry experience. DABS has forecasted sales of $5 million for year one, $7 million for year two, and $9 million for year three. Products and Services DABS shall offer the following auto and body repair and maintenance services: Auto Repair: Differential & Transaxle Service, Engines (Rebuild or Replace), Transmissions, Muffler Replacement, Scheduled Maintenance, Computer Diagnostics, Timing Belts & Chains, Starters & Alternators, Electronic Testing, Air-Conditioning, Cooling Systems, Fuel Injection, Exhaust Systems, Front End Work, Belts & Hoses, Fuel Pumps, Water Pumps, Carburetors, Batteries, Clutches, Brakes, Radiators, Oil & Lube, Tune-Ups Body Repair: Complete Collision Repair, Frame Straightening, Dent Removal and Color Matching. DABS shall use top brand names in parts and fluids. In addition, state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment shall be used by DABS' technicians for an in-depth analysis of vehicle systems. Marketing Plan DABS shall target customers from local residents as well as towed vehicles from local and nearby freeway traffic. Tie-ups will be established with local tow truck companies for referral business. An attractive and informative brochure will be produced to invite tow truck companies to be business partners of DABS. The partner company shall be eligible for sales commissions on the service fees that will be charged by DABS. A business development specialist shall be contracted to handle negotiations with the tow truck companies. Once a tie-up has been established, the tow truck company will be provided by DABS with informative flyers for handing over to prospective customers. With DABS positioning as a very customer-oriented shop, auto and body rep

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Strategic analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Strategic analysis - Essay Example In an organization it’s impossible to control everything therefore chaos must be expected therefore managers must expect opposition from other parties in the organization. They must be able to act democratically and be able to control their anger and emotions in order to deal with diverse reactions in the organization. Chaos also brings the attention of the top management about need to look at the issue at hands (Churchill, 1965). A dynamic system is a system that involves two parties that are in disagreement and require an external interference e.g. chaos in an organization that might require interference by the police agency. A leader can achieve order out of chaos through taking time and understand the major causes of chaos. This is through listening to the parties that are involved in the chaos together with their line of argument. This would work towards deciding on the side to take in order to solve the standoff. These parties also play a major role in giving the leader a possible solution to the chaos. It also gives the leader a variety of strategies that he/she can use in coming up with a lasting solution to the problem. Poor decision by the leader can aggravate the problem as both parties would be unsatisfied by the leader’s decision (Churchill,

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Fashion as Material Cultur Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Fashion as Material Cultur - Essay Example The essay "Fashion as Material Culture" discovers the different kinds of value about clothes. Clothing fulfils its dualistic value differently. One of its main expressions as an agent and depiction of change is the concept of fashion. Clothing is at times a substantiation of change and at times a beginning of change. It is at times a way of establishing the conditions and nature of political dispute and at times a way of making an agreement. It is at times a tool of attempted dominance and at times an arsenal of opposition and disapproval. In this dualistic value, clothing functions as a communicative tool by which social change is considered, suggested, instigated, implemented, and rejected. Its analysis enables one to see the communicative part of material culture in its most revolutionary creative form. Basically, earlier research on clothing discloses the aspects of culture that can be explored in the clothing’s material culture. Cultural norms, forms, ideals, mechanisms, history, everyday communication, and social distance are all available to the scholar of material culture by means of research on clothing. The theory of the evolution of fashion appears distinct in the 21st century than in previous periods, yet so as to make sense of its current expression it may be useful to have a wide-ranging discussion of the history of the topic. Just like what Appadurai (1986) argued, â€Å"The commodity is not one kind of thing rather than another, but one phase in the life of some things.

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Assignment 2 Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

2 - Assignment Example University of Oregon track coach Bowerman wanted lighter and more resilient racing shoes for his runners. One of them, Phil Knight, was trying to devise a marketing plan to fulfill a school project. During his trip to Japan, Knight met with a Japanese shoe manufacturer. He told them his company, Blue Ribbon Sports, would distribute the manufacturer’s running shoes in the USA. Knight was able to sell $8,000 worth of Japanese-made running shoes. Later, Knight and Bowman named changed their company’s name to Nike. (A brief history of Nike, n.d.) Almost a decade after Nike was created Microsoft was invented by well-known software developers Bill Gates, Paul Allen and their friends because of their love for computers. Gate and Allen successfully wrote and sold a software program to Altair manufacturers. After this, they decided to form Microsoft. (The history of Microsoft, 2001) Even if I know how these brands were created, I would still buy their products. I believe in thes e brands. The quality of their products is always satisfactory. I think because of their status in the industry, the companies will always try to make excellent products. References: A brief history of Nike. (n.d.). Retrieved from on May 10, 2011.

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Development of Morality Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Development of Morality - Essay Example The principles in turn direct thoughts and actions, and facilitate individuals to make decisions about what is worthwhile and valuable. Some of the values shared by most individuals and societies, and are the pointing factors towards well developed moralities, include self respect and respect for others, honesty, fairness, an appreciation of the company of others and concern for the common good (Turiel, 1983). Researchers emphasize the role of guilt, an agitation based emotion, in suppressing immoral drives. They have shown that encouraging and rewarding socially accepted behavior motivates individuals to participate in moral acts. Behavioral theorists assert that moral judgment can be narrowed down to immediate, instinctive, emotional responses presented by moral dilemmas (Freud, 1962). Children’s interaction with adults influences their development of moral understanding and behavior. Adults may help promote moral development in children by consistently drawing the children’s attention towards the effects of their wrong doing on others (Turiel, 1983). They can also give children reminders about rules guiding their conducts in different environments, and most importantly, teaching through example by being role models (Turiel,

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Final Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Final - Essay Example There is, therefore, a looming moral dilemma for subscribers of this faith. However, in regard to objective philosophy, knowledge of the external world relies on perception. Perception is, however, dependent on the state of the human mind. All the theories of knowledge proposed over the centuries fall short because of factors such as the controversy of the relationship between appearance and reality. In examining the theories of realism and idealism, philosophers encounter issues such as illusion, hallucinations and dreams all of which point to the state of mind. For dreams, the problem is more so complicated if the dream is not lucid. The largest influence of this film is the exploration of the subconscious through dreams. The Freudian slip is a situation whereby an individual makes far fetched, irrelevant or presumably abnormal statements. Others will assume this is due to confusion or distraction, but Freud will look at this as a channel the subconscious is using to assert its rea l desires and feelings. In the same way, dreams can perform this same function, but the revelation is for the individual (Burger 40). On the other hand, this film is proposing the possibility of accessing these revelations. Some of the ideas in this theory hold that humans are constantly fighting. This struggle is primarily between the superego and human instinct. In following the norms of society, the human race suppresses its natural instincts. Therefore, the perceived actions of an individual, according to Marcuse will not reflect the true self hence the existence of subconscious where the true self delves in the form of secrets and memories. Marcuse may applaud the use of this idea by the film maker to a large extent (Cobb 88). In describing how he extracts ideas, Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie says â€Å"...create the world of the dream,† this refers to the physical setting which the dream thief structured. After that â€Å"...bring the subject into that dream, and they fill it with their secrets.† Again, the dream maker utilises the shortcomings of perception, in this case using familiarity to trick the mind of the dreamers (Botz-Bornstein 20). Marcuse, an advocator of an unsuppressed human race, where humans do as their subconscious perceives will marvel at this idea by film director Nolan. Marcuse supports Freud on the idea that individuals sacrifice happiness to avoid guilt. This is because their true feelings are dark, shaming and undesirable (Cobb 89). However, these restrictions also restrict the true potential of humans. Examining the subconscious prior to undertaking its desired actions is a convenient way to edit the supposed harm. Marcuse will not agree with the idea of tampering with the subconscious because private thoughts make people different and above all human. In my view scientists cannot investigate dreams objectively seeing as dreams are subject to an individual’s thoughts, desires, motivations and experiences. Ho wever, the advancements made in science over the past centuries are remarkable, and things thought impossible in the pats are now a norm. An excellent example is the life support machine, walking on the moon, genetic manipulation and robotics. One cannot out rightly rule out the possibility of such a technology existing even in the unfathomed future. The question of whether the film â€Å"Inception† has some philosophical grounding remains undoubted. One of the

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Police Misconduct and Corruption Essay Example for Free

Police Misconduct and Corruption Essay Police and Society January 31, 2013 Police Misconduct and Corruption In the early 1990’s police brutality had become common; police officers abused their powers and became brutal when dealing with offenders and even non-offenders. One infamous example of such brutality occurred in 1992 in Los Angeles when a black man named Rodney King was violently beat by five officers for being â€Å"black. The five officers repeatedly struck King as a few other officers stood by not paying any attention to the situation near by. Two of the five officers were later acquitted which angered the black and Latino community around the world as did the videotape of the incident. This incident did however put more attention and awareness on the issue of police brutality. A few weeks after the King incident, a drug scandal in New York erupted into another police brutality incident. This prompted an investigation on police corruption by the Mollen Commission. The investigation found many occurrences of police abuses, including brutality, corruption, and perjury. A century before the Mollen Commission, in 1894 the Lexow Commission in New York discovered the same occurrences of police brutality. This shows that police corruption has been going on for many years and is continuing to happen now. Although the public less accepts police brutality now, it is believed that most police corruption is done â€Å"underground† or through legal loopholes. I have chosen to research Police Brutality because I find it outrageous that the people who swore to protect us cheat the law and use excessive force without reason. I am majoring in Sociology and Criminal Justice, so I am curious to learn about why officers feel the need to become brutal. Is it a lust of power? I’m interested in learning about the sociology of police brutality.

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To investigate the resistance of a wire Essay Example for Free

To investigate the resistance of a wire Essay In this experiment the factor to be investigated is the resistance of a wire in a circuit when the wires length is altered. This means that all other factors must stay the same or else this would not be a fair test. I am going to investigate how different lengths of wire affect the resistance in a circuit. I am using a voltmeter and an ammeter to measure the current in the circuit after the length of wire is changed. I am going to use five different lengths of wire and in order to make sure that this is a fair test and the results are accurate, I will repeat each experiment three times and work out the average. The results will not be completely accurate as the length of wire may not be accurate. I also may not have put the voltage on the power box exactly on the right voltage. Other factors that affect the rate of reaction are Electricity. When the electricity is increased, the readings on the voltmeter and ammeter immediately change. If by accident anyone touches the knob on the power pack, the electricity given out into the circuit changes, therefore making the experiment unfair. I will work out resistance in Ohms by using Ohms Law, which is: V=IR (Voltage = Current x Resistance) The whole experiment must be as fair as possible. I will measure out the wire correctly and keep the power pack on the same voltage, in order to keep it a fair test. I will also repeat each experiment three times to make sure it is accurate. I will then draw the graph using the averages. Prediction I predict that the longer the wire is, the more resistant it will be. I. e. If the wire is 5cm, more electricity will get through the circuit than if it were a 45cm piece, at the same voltage. This is because in a long length of wire, there is more space for the electrons to move and so the more times the free electrons will collide with other free electrons. In a short length of wire, the electrons are close together and have a lower collision rate than those in a long piece of wire. This theory is backed up by Ohms law, which Apparatus Method   Collect Apparatus as shown in diagram.   Set up apparatus as shown.   Make sure power pack is set to 3v.   Measure out 15cm of wire. Clip the crocodile clips onto each end of the measured length of wire. Turn on the power pack.   Look at readings on Ammeter and Voltmeter and write down results.   Re measure and repeat two more times before moving on to next experiment.   Work out average of each experiment and use that in the graph. Safety To keep myself and others around me safe, the following should be followed: Not do this experiment near water, as people could get electrocuted. People should not touch the wire while the experiment is taking place as it could be hot and it could burn them. Girls with long hair should tie it back as they may knock something over with their hair. Results Experiment 1 Wire (cm) Readings of Ammeter Readings of Voltmeter 1Experiment 2 Wire (cm) Readings of Ammeter Readings of Voltmeter 30cmExperiment 3 Wire (cm) Readings of Ammeter Readings of Voltmeter. 17 Experiment 5 Wire (cm) Readings of Ammeter Readings of Voltmeter 75cm 0. 23 3. 23 75cm 0. 21 3. 22 75cm 0. 22 3. 23 I have worked out the averages of each experiment with a calculator to one decimal place. Here are the averages of each experiment: Wire (cm) Averages of Ammeter readings Averages of Voltmeter readings 15cm 0. 85 2. 65 30cm 0. 49 2. 96 45cm 0. 34 3. 08 60cm 0. 26 3. 16 75cm 0. 22 3. 20 Using the averages from the experiments, I have worked out the resistance of the wire. This is shown on the graph. Wire (cm) Averages of Resistance (Ohms). Conclusions My results agree with my prediction. When the length of wire is longer, there is more space for the electrons to move through the wire, therefore there is a higher chance of them colliding with each other and creating resistance. I have also seen that, through the course of the experiments, the Ammeter readings decrease, and the voltmeter readings increase. Evaluation My experiments all went well, except the Graph shows that the results are close to perfect apart from the last experiment. I noticed that through the course of the experiments, the Voltmeter readings seem to get higher in value and the Ammeter readings seem to decrease. If I had more time, I would have done the experiments more times each for a fairer test. I would also use more accurate and new equipment, as the equipment I used has been used many times before and may not measure the resistance perfectly. Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Electricity and Magnetism section.

Visiting Nice †Jewel of the French Riviera

Visiting Nice – Jewel of the French Riviera Nice – Jewel of the French Riviera Salut! (Hello in French) As the jewel of the French Riviera (Cote d’Azure), the appeal of Nice is universal. A glamorous city with blue-green beaches, year-round sunshine, fashionable boutiques, splendid museums and galleries, a vibrant and energetic nightlife – Nice is a city that truly has it all! A major tourist attraction because of its splendid beaches and spectacular landscapes nearby, Nice casts a spell on visitors with its charm and energy. A perfect destination for everyone, from backpackers to wealthy businessmen, from partygoers to art aficionados and from honeymooners to families, you could spend a fortnight here and still be left craving for more! Best Season to Visit Nice With year-round sunshine and cool sea breezes, there is actually no bad time to visit Nice. Summer (June to August) is the most crowded season with a horde of tourists visiting. Parties run late into the night and the Jazz Festival is held during this time. Autumn (September to November) is a great time to visit with lesser tourist activity and milder temperatures. Winter (November to March) is mild and while one cannot venture into the sea during this season, it is perfect for sightseeing with minimal clouds and pleasant weather. The Carnival is held in February and is generally acknowledged to be the best in Europe. Spring (March to May) is pretty much the perfect time to visit, with the flowers in bloom, temperate weather and fewer tourists. Highlights (Special Things to Do in Nice) Visit the Port – Drink in the sight of all the glamorous yachts and the colorful fishing boats arrayed together while sipping on champagne in one of the many restaurants that line the port side. Climb up to Castle Hill (Colline du Chateau) and be rewarded with a beautiful view of the beachside and the sea. For a glimpse of St. Petersburg in France, pay a visit to the Cathedrale Saint Nicolas. Colorful and spectacular, it holds the distinction of being the first church to be designated a Russian Orthodox Church outside of Russia! Be enthralled by the fragrance and riot of colors at the Cours Saleya Flower Market – famous in all of Europe for the sheer variety of well-known and unusual flowers that are on display here for sale. Take a day-trip to the nearby Principality of Monaco. Everything about this small country screams luxury – Palaces, casinos, spectacular beaches, luxury cruise ships and yachts and even a Formula One Grand Prix if you visit in May. Try the famous beer sorbet at Fenocchio, considered the best ice cream parlor in Nice. Visit in July to get a chance to listen to â€Å"All that Jazz† – The annual Nice Jazz Festival is held at this time and features some of the best musicians performing from around the world. Sail to St. Tropez, the undisputed glamour capital of Europe – from celebrities to royalty, everybody who’s anybody holidays in this glitzy, resort town of azure beaches, luxury yachts and elegant villas! Experience the quiet life of the French countryside by visiting the charming village of Eze, perched atop a rocky mountain, with its ruined castle and beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea. Be sure to feast on the Nicoise cuisine, especially the Socca (chickpea pancake) and the mouth-watering Pissaladiere (thick crust Pizza with a topping of caramelized onions and anchovies). Go celebrity spotting on a day-trip to Cannes during the annual Cannes Film Festival, that attracts the who’s who of filmdom from all around the world. Step out into the night and be entertained. Dancing to the beats all night at a disco, the thrill of gambling at casinos or quietly sipping a drink at a lounge bar – the nightlife of Nice offers you all this and more! Attractions in Nice Old Town (Vieux Nice) Vieux Nice (Old Town): The Old Town in Nice is a maze of narrow streets and winding alleys that are lined with beautiful Baroque churches, elegant cafes, trendy shops and vibrant public squaresBe sure to include the Cathedrale de Sainte Reparte and the Eglise du Jesu churches, and the Palais Lascaris, once an elegant home that has been transformed into an art museum now. Place Massena: The city’s main square, it is centrally located with the seaside to the south, the prime shopping street of Avenue Jean Medicin leading off to the north and beautiful gardens surrounding it. It retains an old world charm with many roadside cafes that one can hang out in. Place Garibaldi: One of the larger public squares bordering the Old Town, and along the way to the Port, this square is bordered by charming cafes and elegant shops. Every third Saturday of the month, a market is setup at the square that sells all manner of treasures from antique furniture to designer handbags and even old magazines! The Promenade Baie des Anges: The bay that is adjacent to the city of Nice on the Mediterranean is popular for swimming. The beach is pebbly and offers a contrast from the normal sandy beaches along the Mediterranean. Swim in the waters, or relax by lying on the beachside while waiting for the famed, epic sunsets of the Cote d’Azure. Promenade des Anglais: The runs adjacent to the bay and is a 4 kilometer long walkway that offers a leisurely stroll by the light blue Mediterranean sea. The road that runs parallel to this promenade houses many elegant cafes, hotels and shops. Colline du Chateau: The Castle Hill is situated at one end of the Promenade des Anglais and overlooks the city. One can take an elevator or climb the 200 steps to the top, to be rewarded with panoramic views of the Old Town and the seaside. Port Lympia: Beautiful Venetian-colored buildings line the quayside while multi-million pound yachts are parked in the sea at the port. Visit one of the many roadside cafes and restaurants and feast your eyes on the lovely yachts, home to the rich and famous tourists on their visit to Nice. Cimiez Musee Chagall: The Chagall Museum is a museum that is dedicated to the artwork of Marc Chagall. It houses the largest collection of paintings, sculptures and drawings by Chagall. Musee Archeologique de Nice: The museum lies at the site of the Roman ruins and displays artefacts and sculptures from the days of the Roman Empire. The ruins of Nice are a reminder of its days as an outpost of the Roman Empire. The amphitheater here is still used to this day during the annual Jazz festival. Gare de Nice Ville Cathedrale Saint Nicolas: A striking Russian Orthodox Church with onion bulb domes and beautiful sculptures, this is one cathedral you wouldn’t want to miss visiting! A strict dress code is enforced that excludes short skirts, shorts and T-shirts. Shopping in Nice There are many shopping streets that are worth exploring in Nice. Nice boasts of high street designer brands, open air markets with a typical French character as well as large supermarkets that sell everything that you would ever think of buying. Be sure to explore the shopping delights of Nice at leisure and fill your shopping bags with the choicest of items from the markets of Nice. Bear in mind that most shops are closed on Sundays. Avenue Jean Medicin is the undisputed main shopping street of Nice. Home to designer boutiques, high street brands and large department stores, the avenue is choc-a-bloc with some of the best stores vying for shopper’s attention. The main pedestrian shopping street of Nice is the Rue de France that is famed for exclusive clothing boutiques. A large number of cafes and restaurants also line the street that provides a welcome option for refreshments while shopping. The open markets of Nice are famous throughout Europe. The Cours Saleya in the heart of Old Nice is worth visiting for its famed flower market, in addition to the food, spices and fish markets nearby. Every Monday, the market is transformed into a flea market selling antiques and secondhand clothes. How to reach Nice Nice is a major holiday destination of Europe and well connected by various modes. Nice Airport is one of the busiest in France and has frequent daily flights to Paris as well as direct flights to almost all major European cities, as well as destinations in North Africa, Middle East and Canada. Nice is also well connected on the railway network with trains to Paris, many Italian cities and even a weekly long distance train arriving from Moscow via Warsaw and Vienna. Long distance buses connect Nice with major European cities and the motorways are a great way to reach the city from either east or the west, with spectacular drives by the coastline. Being along the coastline, Nice is extremely well connected by the sea, and all holiday cruise liners have Nice among their destinations. Ferries connect it directly to many other nearby ports. How to get around in Nice Nice has its own local bus network which forms the primary mode of public transport within the city. Train services are available connecting it to the other nearby tourist attractions along the Riviera. Taxis, scooters and bikes are the other ways of getting around the city. The local bus network, known as the Lignes d’Azur is the main urban transport option for locals to get to work or school. Of greater importance to tourists is the inter-urban network called the TAM, which connects Nice with other towns on the Riviera, such as Cannes, Menton and villages like Vence. The Tram line links the main bus station, train station, downtown and the university. It is of value to tourists other than getting them to the city center. Regional trains operated by the SCNF link all the eastern coastal towns and are a good way to travel between the towns along the French Riviera. Taxis are expensive and it is not always easy to find one. It is better to hire one from your hotel or from a designated taxi rank. Cycling enthusiasts can rent cycles to explore the city and its outskirts. Nice has a public bicycle rental system and the first 30 minutes of usage is free. While Nice is a large and sprawling city, most of the tourist and historic attractions are concentrated within the city center, around a twenty minute walking radius. Walking is a great way of getting around for tourists and exploring the attractions of foot allows visitors to drink in the sights of this glamorous city! Top Areas of Nice Gare de Nice Ville: The main railway station of Nice was originally built away from the city center, but the modern city has grown around the station, making it the city center. The station building is a beautiful piece of architecture. Most of the Nice hotels are concentrated around the railway station. Promenade des Anglais: The area of Nice that began to e [populated the foremost thanks to its spectacular location by the sea, the Promenade is flanked by the Bay of Angels on one side and many hotels and restaurants on the other side. Vieux Nice: The Old Town of Nice is a maze of alleys with many beautiful churches, cafes and shops. It is the central part of the historic town of Nice. Cimiez: Home to the ancient Roman Ruins and the Musee Matisse, this is an elegant neighborhood of Nice that played host to Queen Victoria, who stayed at the Hotel Regina during her trips to the French Riviera. Vieux Port: The port of Nice is a beautiful locality with Venetian style buildings and yachts and ferries crowding the quay. Yachts can also be rented from here for taking trips along the French Riviera and the Mediterranean Sea. Palais Des Congres: This locality gets its name from the Palais Des Congres Acroplois, which is a convention center that hosts various events. Merci! (Thank you in French)

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Science and nature is a very vital theme in volume I of Frankenstein. :: Free Essay Writer

Science and nature is a very vital theme in volume I of Frankenstein. Mary Shelly incessantly portrays science and nature. Science and nature is a very vital theme in volume I of Frankenstein. Mary Shelly incessantly portrays science and nature. At first Mary shelly illustrate the nature of life as distressing, sorrowful and frail. She does this by demonstrating illnesses, deaths and sorrow of the loved ones leaving and diseases. By doing this Mary shelly is representing life as a pathetic game, which has no other meanings than depression and grief, and how easily it could be vanished. Examples in volume I could be the death of Elizabeth’s parents, the sickness of Elizabeth, the sickness and death of Victor’s mother, murder of William and the beheading of Justine. But Mary shelly also represents nature and life as very pleasant and euphoric. This is done by the illustration of love, kindness and compassion. For example Victor’s mother who was a very kind, generous and a ‘benevolent’ woman, the love of Victor and Elizabeth and most of all the passion for knowledge. All these bases of nature and life contradict with science, since science merely bring about these features. Scientific development is usually from nature, even from destroying nature. On the other hand, nature in some way is protected and developed by science. Nature and science have a life and a death relationship. And so at one point Mary shelly actually depicts the contrast between science and nature. She does this by combining both life and death into a situation where death comes before life, when the monster is produced by parts of fresh dead bodies and brought to life. This totally changes the natural regulation of life. By doing this Mary shelly shows the power of science, but also combines it with nature using Lightning, and so proves that without nature science has no power. Mary Shelley also gives us an idea or a warning towards science and scientific knowledge (the belief of science being superior). As we know that Victor makes an extensive use of science and of his scientific experiments to create his monster, which then haunt him and leads to the killing of Victor’s younger brother William, Science can thus be regarded as the main motor to Victor’s self-destruction. This clearly presents science as evil and an awful thing. Looking at all these aspects of science and nature, I have also become aware of the character (nature) of Victor and his thirst for knowledge. His nature represents possession, anxiety, greed and the desire for supremacy. When Mary shelly represents him in this form,

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The Second Amendment - The Right To Bear Arms Essay -- Constituton Bil

The Second Amendment and the Right to Bear Arms The Second Amendment to the Constitution gave United States citizens the right to bear arms. Although, the Second Amendment stated: â€Å"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms. However, the framers could not foresee the type of violence we have in our cities today. Innocent citizens have and are being brutally killed due to this amendment. Stricter gun control laws must be enacted to receive these types of weapons. Background checks for gun buyers were implemented a year and a half ago, more than 4,600 people who were supposed to be prevented from buying guns bought them anyway because their background checks were not completed in time, according to ABC news. The NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System) is supposed to inspect the criminal, citizenship, and mental background of all gun buyers (Yahoo News). However, if authorities cannot finish the checks in three days, the buyer gets the gun by default—even if he/she is a convicted felon or illegal alien (Yahoo News). On April 20, 1999, Columbine School was terrorized by gunfire. Twelve students and one teacher was brutally slain by two seniors of the high school. According to the APB News, hundreds of people were intended to die. After the two students gunned down their classmates and teacher, they shot and killed themselves. At this time, the guns used in the shooting 2 are said to have been purchased from unlicensed dealers at gun shows, according to Yahoo News. For this reason and many others, stricter gun laws should be enacted to be able to purchase these types of weapons. In Asheville N.C., two... Review-Journal. Due to the increasing amount of deaths that are caused by firearms, Congress should enact stricter gun control laws. However, they are not and more people are continuing to die on a daily basis due to that matter. Congress is continuously discussing ways of preventing convicted felons, mental patients, and illegal aliens from purchasing firearms, but do not fulfill the voters’ wishes of doing so. I feel that this is the government’s way to prevent the United States from becoming overpopulated, because they are not doing anything to stop this problem. On the other hand, if most of the United States population is killed by gunfire, then where is the tax money going to be derived from? In my opinion, there should be a way to eliminate the section of the Second Amendment that gave the citizens of the United States the right to bear arms.

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Rene Descartes :: essays research papers

Rene Descartes Rene Descartes was born March 31, 1596 in La Haye, Touraine. Descartes was the son of a minor nobleman and belonged to a family that had produced a number of learned men. At the age of eight, he was enrolled in the Jesuit school of La Fleche in Anjou, where he remained for eight years. Besides the usual classical studies, he received instruction in math and in Scholastic philosophy. Roman Catholicism exerted a strong influence on Descartes throughout his life. Upon graduation from school, he studied law at the University of Poitiers, graduating in 1616. He never practiced law, however--in 1618 he entered the service of Prince Maurice of Nassau at Breda, Netherlands, with the intention of following a military career. In succeeding years Descartes served in other armies, but his attention had already been attracted to the problems of mathematics and philosophy to which he was to devote the rest of his life. He made a pilgrimage to Italy in 1623-24, and spent the years from 1624 to 1628 in France. While in France, he devoted himself to the study of philosophy and also experimented in optics. In 1628, having sold his properties in France, he moved to the Netherlands, where he spent most of the rest of his life. He lived for varying periods in a number of different cities in the Netherlands, including Amsterdam, Deventer, Utrecht, and Leiden.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  It was probably during the first years of his residence in the Netherlands that Descartes wrote his first major work, Essais philosophiques, published in 1637. The work contained four parts: an essay on geometry, another on optics, a third on meteors, and Discours de la methode (Discourse on Method), which described his philosophical theories. This was followed by other philosophical works, among them Meditationes de Prima Philosophia (Meditations on First Philosophy, 1641) and Principia Philosophiae (The Principles of Philosophy, 1644). The latter volume was dedicated to Princess Elizabeth Stuart of Bohemia, who lived in the Netherlands and with whom Descartes had formed a deep friendship. In 1649, Descartes was invited to the court of Queen Christina of Sweden in Stockholm to give the queen instruction in philosophy. The rigors of the northern winter brought on the pneumonia that caused his death on February 1, 1650.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The most notable contribution that Descartes made to mathematics was the systematization of analytic geometry. He was the first mathematician to attempt to classify curves according to the types of equations that produce them. He also made contributions to the theory of equations and succeeded in proving the impossibility of trisecting the angle and doubling the cube.

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Introduction To Marketing Mr B

Club Cards The creation of the Tests club card was a advantageous idea, but the club card can provide incorrect information about the customer who handles the art and give Tests Mobile the wrong image Of the customer, in terms Of knowing what that customer likes and want when they're shopping at Tests Mobile. This can occur if the club card is handled by someone else who is not the owner(e. G. The owners son), resulting in the actual owner receiving offers and information about things they did not actually purchase.For example lets say the son of the owner of the card it is bought a video game then the actual owner may a lot receive emails/letters about that game or things that are in relation to that game. Tests believe that everything bought on the card is researched by its owner, which is not the case sometimes, resulting in invalid information being produced on the club card. Questionnaires Questionnaires can be helpful for a company when the questions are produced correctly and given to the right people.Questionnaire have a low response rate in general, therefore Tests Mobile shouldn't have a high expectancy rate of receiving questionnaires back when they send them out to their customers. When questionnaires are posted people tend to just chuck them in the bin because they can't be bothered filling them in a posting it jack to Tests Mobile, even though they got a Freeport envelope alongside the questionnaire. Due to the lack of response back with questionnaires you wouldn't be able to generalizes e. If Tests Mobile sent out 3000 questionnaires out and only received 300 back then they would be unable to generalizes. This would make it difficult for Tests Mobile to figure out what merchandise to sell. People may give out false answers on questionnaires because they may just tick any answer or they may be intimidated by the question etc. This would result in Tests Mobile stocking product people do to actually want. When Tests Mobile conduct questionnaires, th e questions asked are usually closed questions, this is so that it is easier to generalizes and analyses the customer answers.Tests Mobile may also choose to put in leading questions as it gives the person the impression that their opinion is valued. Interviews Having interviews conducted it valuable to Tests Mobile but what is said and what is asked can have limitations. Tests Mobile could invite some of their customers in for an interview and the interviewee could feel intimidated by he interviewer, this Is called the observer effect; resulting in the interviewee hesitating and giving the interviewer the answer they think they want to hear.In addition to this people may feel the need to lie so that they don't look inferior to the interviewer, and in fact sound more superior. People may be unwilling to tell the truth because they may feel vulnerable this may because they feel they're being judged on their ethnicity, age, appearance or gender. This likely to become apparent when per sonal questions are being asked during an interview. For example 21 year old may feel uncomfortable in talking to some who is 65, as they may feel they're inferior or superior to them.Depending on the type of person interviewed, they may tend to give short answers in order to get the interview over and done with, which could limit the amount of research being collected. Short answers would also make it harder to analyses because there would be enough information. On the other hand the interviewee may be garrulous and feel comfortable with the interviewer and begin to start a conversation which is off-topic; having an effect on the data collected.Having a talkative interviewee could mean that it will be harder to analyses information due to the amount of content they've given. If the interviewer answers the questions in the wrong way it could result in incorrect answers, meaning that time and money has been wasted on conducting an interview. Secondary Research Many limitations are in volved when using secondary research such as, the date the research was conducted, as it may be out of date when you want to use the research and many companies who provide that data will tend not to eddo market research as it's already been done.A limitation that may also occur is that you don't know the exact set of questions that were being asked, as the exact questions aren't displayed when you buy the secondary data nor are the exact answers. Only the concluding results and the amount of people involved in the market research are given to the buyer. The cost of secondary data can be extremely expensive depending on how recent the research is and the company who's selling it.

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1. Is It Fine to Privatize Profits and Nationalize Losses, Is It Right for Organisational Development?

1. Is it fine to privatize profits and nationalize losses, is it right for organisational development? As the United States Of America had to suffer sub-prime crisis during 2007-2008. Many home-owners defaulted in their payments causing Freddie and Fannie to suffer multi-billion dollar losses. The share prices tumbled by more than 90% and the investors around the world felt that these two firms might not be able to live upto the guarantees which they have to provide to the public. It is somehow justified to â€Å"Privatize profits and nationalize losses† as the major companies(Freddie and Fannie) which required bailouts were US federal government entities and their guarantee was backed up by the federal government and in case of crisis the US government backed it with a gurarantee. Therefore the mortgage was a very safe option for the public. It is somehow argued that to privatize profits and nationalize losses is not good for the Organisational Development of the companies as this might set up a bad example for the future. It encourages weak leadership and poor management. The organisations should access the risk associated with their functioning and should adopt a proactive approach to counter such problems. The assured government bailout would affect the organisational working which would otherwise have been different. 2. Was this a result of failure of leadership of these firms ? The downfall of such huge companies is not just a failure of the financial system, but also a huge leadership failure. Excessive interest in personal financial goals as against the larger interest of the organization is one of the root cause of this meltdown. These days some managers are not that efficient and rely on reward and incentives. They believe that if they hire smart people, give huge incentives for personal results, the management of the firm would take care of itself. Under such circumstances, taking risks to achieve personal goals even if that puts others or organization in danger seems acceptable. These particular leadership failures have been a major cause of this full-scale meltdown of US financial So, proper approach and tackling problems in advance can avoid such kind of downfall of the companies. For eg. The subprime crises has never been thought off in indian market and the indian companies are not providing sub prime loans and have been only dealing with prime mortgage market so as to avoid future debacles which would prove fatal for the economy. The sub prime market of India is considerably small than the Prime mortgage market.

Destruction of the Old Order in King Lear Act I

In the first act of King Lear Shakespeare turns the order of world of the play upside down. By the end of the first act virtually every character's station in life has been changed significantly. Lear has given away his power, he has destroyed his family by disowning one daughter and angered another, and he has banished his most trusted advisor. When the play begins, Lear is King of England. He has long ruled and apparently has done so competently. He holds all power in England. Although Lear has advisers, notably Kent and Gloucester, it is clear that Lear is in charge and he keeps his own counsel and makes his own decisions. The play opens with his two advisers, the Earls of Kent and Gloucester being surprised that Lear no longer appears to prefer Goneril's husband the Duke of Albany over Regan's husband Duke of Cornwall. â€Å"I thought the King had more affected the Duke of Albany than Cornwall† (I.i.1-2). Due to his failure to keep his advisers involved in the decision making process, he at times makes rash decisions such as the disowning of Cordelia (I.i.113-116), the dividing of his kingdom between Goneril and Regan (I.i.127-138), and the banishing of his best and most loyal advisor Kent (I.i.173-178). By the end of Act I Lear seems impotent. He is no longer the powerful King of England. He is no longer recognized as King. Goneril has instructed her servant Oswald to â€Å"[p]ut on what weary negligence you please† (I.iii.12) toward Lear. When the once powerful Lear asks Oswald â€Å"Who am I, sir?† (I.iv.78) the servant insolently replies â€Å"My lady's father† (I.iv.79) enraging Lear that a servant should treat him not as king, but as the father of the servant's lady. His power, status, and social standing have collapsed. As a father Lear doesn't fare much better than he did as king. At the play's beginning he is an all-powerful patriarch and expects everyone to completely agree with and cater to his every whim. In many ways he is like a spoiled child. He seeks and demands constant, undivided attention. Lear solicits affection from his daughters â€Å"[w]hich of you shall we say doth love us most,† (I.i.51). When the attention is positive and according to his wishes he exhibits an almost childlike happiness. Although it is evident Goneril and Regan are engaging in hyperbole, Lear is pleased and rewards his two elder daughters with one third of England each. When he asks his favorite daughter Cordelia how much she loves him he is disappointed with her answer and throws a tantrum, â€Å"[h]ere I disclaim all my paternal care† (I.i.113). By the end of the first act Lear's demands have not changed. When Goneril argues with him and complains about the behavior of his knights, Lear has another fit of anger and runs away from Goneril to Regan as if he were a schoolboy running away from home. He no longer is the proud father of three daughters, but has banished Cordelia, angered and run away from Goneril, and pins his hopes on his middle daughter Regan. When Act I ends Lear is no longer the center of social attention. When he first appears on stage the stage directions indicate that a flourish is sounded and Lear enters with his three daughters, his two sons-in-law and an unspecified number of attendants. In the final scene his presence is not announced with a flourish. His daughters and sons-in-law are not present. Lear's only attendants are the banished Kent (disguised as Caius) and Lear's jester known only as â€Å"Fool.† Lear is not alone in his foolish behavior toward his children. Gloucester behaves similarly to Lear. He is used to his power and makes rash, unwise decisions. When the play opens Gloucester appears to be somewhat ashamed of his second son, Edmund who is a bastard for he keeps him away from court, â€Å"he hath been out nine years, and away he shall again† (I.i.32-33). Gloucester's older son Edgar is clearly his favorite. Yet he is quick to believe Edmund when Edmund plots against Gloucester. Edgar clearly mirrors Goneril, as Gloucester is quick to believe the false accusations made by Edmund and force Edgar into hiding. Edgar also mirrors Kent in that he returns in Act II dressed as Poor Tom of Bedlam. As Tom Edgar accompanies his father and helps him just as Kent helps Lear. Cordelia's status changes greatly in the first act. Initially she was Lear's favorite daughter. She went from a highly sought after bride-to-be with a large dowry to a woman with no dowry who is refused by the Duke Burgundy and accepted, without dowry by the King of France. When she refuses to kowtow to Lear with false praise her status is destroyed. Although she clear loves her father she is banished and forced to leave England. By the end of Act I Lear is no longer the proud, powerful King of England. By his own hand he has destroyed his kingdom and his family. Shakespeare has stripped Lear of his armor and has exposed Lear with all of his vulnerabilities and foibles. By removing the old order in the first act, Shakespeare provides a vehicle for the readers and members of the audience to explore the real nature of the characters behind the facades each character displays in public life when the play begins. Each of the characters will reveal his or her true nature throughout the remainder of the play. These revelations provide the tension and the interest of King Lear. Works Cited The Tragedy of King Lear. The Riverside Shakespeare. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co. 1974. 1255-1295.   

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Far From the Maddening Crowd Essay

Bathsheba Everdene is the main character in the book â€Å"Far From The Madding Crowd. † She is central to nearly every situation and is held in high regard by the village people. She has her ups and downs in the book, her highs and her lows, finding love and happiness, only for it to be torn away from her and handed back to her in the not too distant future! Bathsheba begins the book in a cold hearted way, first refusing to marry Gabriel Oak and then playing with the feelings of farmer Boldwood, this coming back to haunt her further in the book. She reluctantly sent Boldwood a Valentines card aided by her maid Liddy’s persuasion, declaring her love for him, and seemingly to her surprise, poor Boldwood takes it very seriously resulting in a cat and mouse game of love. In chapter 24 at the fir plantation, Bathsheba was heading home when she bumped into a dark stranger and became tangled up in his boots. She tried to wriggle free but to no avail. After a lot of fiddling by the stranger, he freed Bathsheba and rose face to face. Bathsheba asked him â€Å"Who are you then, who can so well afford to despise opinion? † The stranger replied â€Å"No stranger. Sergeant Troy†. Bathsheba was evidently spooked by Troy; little knowing he’d be her future husband. Bathsheba met up with Troy on several occasions and subsequently fell in love with him. They agreed to marry whilst on a visit to Bath and returned to Casterbrige to Boldwood’s and Oak’s despair as Mr. and Mrs. Troy. When Boldwood discovered the news, he was erratic in his actions. He offered to buy Bathsheba from Troy and eventually after torment from Troy, he murdered him in front of the whole of the village at a Christmas party. He then proceeded to kill himself with the same gun and in the same spot where Troy died. Bathsheba was deeply upset about the death of her husband despite the fact he declared he did not return her feelings after the death of his previous fianci , Fanny Robbin. Eventually our widow married Farmer Oak whom she clearly was in love with from the first time they met. Bathsheba’s toying with Oak, Troy and especially Boldwood could be seen as a reason for her not to find happiness in the book, but despite her unkind joke with Boldwood, Bathsheba didn’t set out to hurt anyone and was caught up in a battle for her love between these men. After the death of Fanny Robbin, it was evident that Troy was still in love with this woman, despite her failing to show for their wedding. He blamed all his misfortune on his wife, Bathsheba and he bullied her into feeling that she was to blame. The death of Troy was a blessing in disguise as she would have been sad for all her days and would not have ended up married to Oak. All in all, I feel that Bathsheba deserved to be happy, as she was an honest, hard working woman who was independent and capable. I think she was genuinely sorry for the Valentines card to Boldwood. She finally does find happiness in Oak and realises his companionship and true love is what she has wanted all her life. I think Gabriel Oak certainly was the right man for her as, like his name suggests, he was angelic, solid and dependable. This was evident when he stays by her, and by his actions on the night of the storm when he and Bathsheba worked together to cover the crops. It is evident they are in love when they cast eyes upon each other and fail to remove them for a few seconds, showing mutual unspoken understanding and purpose.

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Pedicure and Dressing Area

Client: Excuse me. Where would I find body lotion? Lucy: Body lotion? Have a look in the makeup section, in isle 4. Client: Actually, I did and there wasn't any. Lucy: I'm sorry. Let me get some from De back. Do you need anything else? Client: Yes. I couldn't find any nail file. Lucy: Ooh. I'm sorry, but we don't have any nail file at the moment. Client: Oh, no. Don't tell me that. Mom is going to kill me.I lost her nail file yesterday, so I need to get new one. Lucy: I'm sorry to hear that. Where is my nail file Let's see, it will be 80 dollars in all. But you can charge it to your room. Great. Thank you. By the way, how much will the massage and the facial? I don't have much cash on me. Sure. Let me show you to the dressing area. Mom. That's a long time. Can I get massage in the meantime? For around 20 minutes. How long do I have to wait? Of course, but you might have to wait. There's someone ahead of you.Good morning. WSDL it be possible to get facial? Can I help you, Ms' Mary: I' m Mary. I have a 4 o'clock appointment for a manicure with Lisa. Receptionist: get a facial in the meantime? Receptionist: I'm sorry we don't have anything until 5. Mary: Oh no. What about a massage. Receptionist: Yes. Please let me show you the dressing area. Mary: Thank you. One more question. Is it customary to tip the staff? Receptionist: Well, that's up to you. But most clients give one or two dollars.

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Mass Media and Communication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Mass Media and Communication - Essay Example Media relations are common in public relations plays an important role in the campaigns. The public relations center their function to the media interaction and the relations. The material of the public relations will only be published by the media if the information contained commercial to the media. Segmentation of the public helps in tracking the process of the public relations. The tracking of segmentation public is much easier and informs the people on new forms of behavior. In UK Fuels Company, they have grouped their outlets according to the regions that help in ensuring close supervision. When the PR professional segment the public relations, they ensure that they satisfy the customers. When a small group is addressed, there is a greater concern for all the details that are affecting the targeted group. In Doncaster Company, the company has a group of experts who research on the market trends and ensure that the company attains the needs of the customers. The segmentation of the public ensures that the PR professionals gain a competitive advantage in the market when they have delivered to their customers at the right time. In Samworth Brothers Company, its growth is attributed to its segmentation. The segmentation has helped the company to gain a competitive advantage over its competitors. Segmentation helps the PR professionals to get the value for their efforts in many ways. For instance, PR reaches the targeted group with fewer efforts and without much cost.

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Barriers to Meaningful Instruction for English Learners Research Proposal

Barriers to Meaningful Instruction for English Learners - Research Proposal Example On the other hand, there are non-verbal languages, which entail the way a person, stands or carries themselves, and behaviors such as holding of their hands and arms during a conversation and facial expressions, and these cues have a significant effect on the communication. For instance, there are difficulties involved in a conversation where someone has their arms closed across their chest since this signifies a defensive pose. Therefore, in order to solve problems associated with cultural and non-verbal barriers, there is a need to use several mediums of communicating with people. Furthermore, I have identified them to focus on the medium used in communication while communicating with people since each situation suits a certain medium such as face-to-face, over the phone, through text messaging or emails. Therefore, I have learned the role of determining the medium, which suits a certain message in a given situation, for instance, a one should not avoid face-to-face communication b y using text messages or emails; instead, they should focus on selecting the medium that suits every situation. Critical thinking Skills I am seeking to improve my critical thinking skills, which are applied  constantly  in my life and they have  various  benefits and  significance. It is  indispensable  for everyone to learn about critical thinking skills and their  applications in order to make better decisions. Critical thinking involves  mental  processes of analysis, discernment, and evaluation. It entails the possible processes for the reflection upon the tangible and intangible to  form  a judgment that is  informed  and  solid  to reconcile the  scientific  evidence involving common sense (Ennis, 1978, 321). I understand that as a critical thinker, I will have the ability to gather relevant information from  various  senses, both verbal and written expressions, experiences, reflection, reasoning, and observation. According to Elder (20 08, 43), the process of critical thinking involves thinking about a  certain  problem or  subject  in order to get to a point of the improvement in the quality of thinking through skillful analogies. Therefore, the application of critical thinking in various aspects of life has  numerous  benefits in the process of decision making Language Skills English is like an international language spoken worldwide, and it is accepted  in a way that everyone  is expected  to learn to speak English as a tool to be applied in bridging "in international divides and borders". There are various reasons for everyone to consider having English as a second language. There are those who  learn  a new language in  various  ways, the most profound  way  of learning is through the internet.

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Write the three definitions on pre-production, production and Essay

Write the three definitions on pre-production, production and post-production - Essay Example Once financing is confirmed and principal cast members, director/directors, and cinematography is determined, this process takes up with helping to integrate the script with regards to the scenery and dynamic which will be utilized. As a function of this, preproduction entails the script being simplified to its most basic scenes. Within such a construct, the preproduction process is able to determine locations, cast members, costumes, special effects/visual effects, and props that will be utilized as a means of making the story cohesive. In order to ensure that this process takes place according to schedule, a detailed schedule is almost always created with regards to the necessary elements that need to take place within the given period of time (Schaefer et al, 2004). Moreover, the script is integrated with the screenplay by means of numbering and page locking the scenes so that all actors and representative staff members will have no confusion with regards to what will take place w ithin each given scene. Finally, any last-minute additions or deletions with regard to the plot line and scripts must be made prior to the process proceeding. Accordingly, as the preceding analysis as discussed, the specific aspects of the filling process is oftentimes one of the most hectic and challenging with regards to the overall level in which all of the necessary components can be completed according to the specified schedule. Production: Upon conclusion of preproduction, the production process itself begins. Within the production process, the actual video/film itself is shot. As compared to the preproduction process, a much larger number of crew are required due to the fact that script supervisors, picture editors, sound editors, photographers, assistant directors, and property masters must all integrated together as a function of producing the film. Although it might be understood by the reader that production itself merely involves the cast members arriving on set and film ing particular scenes, the production process is much more nuanced than this due to the fact that makeup, dressing/lighting, special effects, and seeing preparation crews must all integrate within the process as a means of ensuring that a fluid transition is affected (Johnson-Yale, 2008). In such a manner, adherence to restrict and rigid schedule is also necessary for each of these compounds to take place in an efficient and productive manner. Although there is obviously time for last-minute adjustments, the ultimate goal of this particular process is to wrap each specific scene in a satisfactory manner and move on to the next. Furthermore, the necessity of getting a particular scene correct is an absolute necessity due to the fact that any subsequent set up of a past scene will require a large number of man-hours and additional funding to re-create a prior scene/dynamic of the film. Once the production process has wrapped, a â€Å"wrap party† is oftentimes hosted as a means of expressing thanks to the crew and the cast for the diligence and hard work in bringing the production to a close. Post-Production: The process of postproduction is oftentimes much slower than the process of production. This is somewhat strange due to the fact that the process of postproduction does not require the overall manpower of production. However, during this particular stage video and film that was shot is extensively edited. This requires a painstaking process in which dialogue, music, songs, sound effects, computer graphics, and a variety of other elements are all mixed together as a means of creating a finished product (Davis, 2003). This painstaking process can vary in overall length with regards to specific type of film which is being made. For instance, if a film is

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Ethics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 24

Ethics - Essay Example The line between doing the job and meeting some pre-conceived notion is not only immoral but also suggests the kind of society that exists. The roles have been wrongly defined and this is the reason why many people end up being discriminated on one context or the other, not necessarily because of their own doing. The human resource policy can address these issues by being very critical about any elements that are being seen as discriminatory. It can raise these points so that the anomalies are done away with at the earliest (Bellizzi and Hasty, 2001). More so when the organization wishes to send out advertisements, these must be checked by the relevant staff within the human resources management department to make sure that discrimination and its related nuances are not being conveyed from the realms of the organization. In essence, discrimination is a major issue that many organizations in this day and age face, and it would be significant to resolve this problem once and for

Is Online Education Good or Bad Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Is Online Education Good or Bad - Essay Example As the essay stresses learning is a basic constituent in a person’s general personal as well as working life. In the past, students would attend ‘bricks and mortar’ classes to attain an education before entering the workforce. While this is still the main trend in the acquisition of education, the latter part of the 20th century has seen more students take advantage of courses that are offered online. There are many universities today that offer lectures online for students who may be unable to attend classes for one reason or another. There are also online based colleges that promise degrees for a much less price than traditional bricks-and-mortar institutions.  This discussion highlights that  the online courses offered by bricks-and-mortar institutions are, for the most part, genuine because they identify with the recognized universities that offer them. Moreover, there are the online-based universities that offer all their lectures online. Many of such ins titutions are not usually accredited. The online environment provides numerous opportunities for people situated in different parts of the world to be able to benefit from various educational courses. Indeed, its original objective was to provide a more cost-effective way for people without the financial resources required by traditional colleges to be able to benefit from a college education. Moreover, there are people who have established universities online that claim to offer courses to all people at cheaper prices than those of bricks-and-mortar universities. For most such institutions, the delivery of high quality education is not an important objective. There are different factors that illustrate concerns about such institutions. Some of these include: The Role of Commercialization in Online Education. Lectures from online-based institutions are not appropriate for students because these institutions are mainly concerned with benefiting from commercialization, and are, thus, quite self-serving (Anderson, 45). Even though it is not a fact that is admitted often by the chief academic officers of online-based universities, most officials of such institutions are mainly concerned with the bottom line. This is because they get rewarded for creating policies that result in higher enrollments, greater retention of registered students, and higher levels of success. According to Noble, â€Å"universities are aware that they can get and keep more students by offering online courses which are cheap in comparison to traditional classes†, (Noble, 26). This is why they charge more for the introduction of newer courses which they then add to the curriculum. So far, online education from online-based institutions is the fastest growing industry in the for-profit sector (Donaldson, Agra, Alshammari, Bailey, Bowdoin, Kendle, Nixon, and Wressell, 49). It has also been aggressively promoted by for-profit universities and colleges. It is marketed because it saves cos ts by delivering lessons to thousands of students simultaneously, thus decreasing instructional costs.

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Organization Development; contingency approach, content + process Essay

Organization Development; contingency approach, content + process theory;participative management;building effective groups, organizational structure - Essay Example Different scenarios and short term plans thus provide for a lot of cushion as far as vital tactical planning on the part of the said company is concerned and this indeed forms up as an important ingredient of the different processes that are running within the company. It might also be possible that the different departments present within a company have their own respective agendas that they have to meet and thus the long term planning can take a back seat in this equation. The administrative, decisional, interpersonal and other skills present within the repertoire of the management of the company have to understand that the long term planning has to make way for the tactical moves that are introduced within the company every now and then and which is for the betterment of all concerned, more than anything else, for the company and its stability in the long run itself. The skills just discussed have to come into play so that all of these unite and thus form up as a single, coherent message, a message that will take over the reigns of the company and talk about the problems that it is facing in the light of the completion and the eventual attainment of the strategic goals. The short term activities and tasks thus gain more and more attention from all concerned, not only the employees working within the company but also the stakeholders who have one thing or the other within the proper and sound functioning of the business, the consumers who want to know what exactly is happening with the company’s different products and services and why there is a lag at the retail side of those very products and services. Large corporations and entities need to have managers who have sound vision and proper tact within their grasps so that they can well understand the mannerisms of the ball game of satisfying the different publics, the customers and last but not the least the stakeholders. The requirement is to balance all of these so that the company

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Soft system Methodology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Soft system Methodology - Essay Example Compare to hard problems soft problem are difficult to define. Feasibility study is an important phase in the software development process. It enables the developer to have an assessment of the product being developed. It refers to the feasibility study of the product in terms of outcomes of the product, operational use and technical support required for implementing it. Economic Feasibility: It refers to the benefits or outcomes. We are deriving from the product as compared to the total cost we are spending for developing the product. If the benefits are more or less the same as the older system, then it is not feasible to develop the product. In the present system, the development of the new product greatly enhance the accuracy of the system and cuts short the delay in the processing of Birth and Death application. The errors can be greatly reduced and at the same time providing great level of security. Hence, we do not need any additional equipment except memory of required capacity. Operational Feasibility: It refers to the feasibility of the product to be operational. Some products may work very well at design and implementation but may fall in the real time environment. It includes the study of additional human resources required and their technical expertise. Technical Feasibility: It refers to whether the software that is... Technical Feasibility: It refers to whether the software that is available in the market fully supports the present application. It studies the pros and cons of using particular software for the development and it's feasibility. It also studies the additional training need to be given to the people to make the application work. Implementation Plan The main plan for the system developed is to upgrading and existing system to proposed system. There are mainly 4 methods of upgrading the existing system to the proposed Parallel Run System Direct Cut-Over Method Pilot System Phase-in Method Parallel Run System: It is most secure method of converting from an existing to anew system. In this approach, both the systems are run in parallel for a specific period of time. During the period of if any serious problems were identified while using the new system, the new system is dropped and the older system is taken at the start point again. Direct Cut-Over Method: In this approach, the existing system is converted to the new system abruptly, some times over a weekend or even overnight. The old system is used until a planed conversion day. There exist no parallel activities. Pilot Method: In this approach, a working version of the system is implemented in one art of the organization such as a single work area or department. When the system is deemed complete it is installed through out the organization either all at once (direct cut-over) or gradually (phase-in). Phase-in Method: In this method, a part of the system is first implemented and over time, other remaining parts are implemented. SYSTEM ANALYSIS Analysis is the detailed study of the various operations performed by a system and their relationships within and outside of the system. A key question is:

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Albatross Anchors part 3 Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Albatross Anchors part 3 - Case Study Example Being founded in 1976, Albatross Anchor operates as a family business in the USA. It was instigated by four people family members and currently performs with the manpower of 130 employees. The company has been engaged with the manufacturing and shipping of anchors in the wholesale market of the nation and other neighboring countries as well. Thus, the entire organizational process involves various phases which can be sorted as producing, storing or warehousing and shipping among others. With the intention of proposing the company to adopt changes, after taking certain beneficial strategic measures, the discussion henceforth will intend to address four challenges faced by Albatross in its current practices rendering recommendations to the identified issues. Furthermore, adhering to the changes recommended, the strategic selections will be justified along with a detailed plan of implementing those strategies and a timeline through Gantt chart. ... It is in this context that the company needs to witness challenges in terms of legal barriers limiting the maximum weight to be shipped at a time. Owing to this particular reason, where on one hand the company needs to incur extra cost burden of transportation costs in case of railroads; on the other hand, it had to witness hurdles in transporting through ocean routes as well where the products were entitled to be initially shipped through rail to the dock and then loaded on the ship, which incurred extra labor costs for shipping goods in the international market. Furthermore, due to the increasing complexities in the shipping procedure, the organization also had to face hurdles in managing the manpower effectively. Hence, it can be recommended that the company needs to reframe its administrative staff arrangement along with absorbing more manpower in its transportation process. Although engaging greater manpower shall prove to be a costly venture in the short-run, it shall prove as highly beneficial in the long-run to gain enhanced sustainability and profitability minimizing the confusions arising in the shipment process. Again, as the company produces both domestic and international products incurring different production costs, it should intend to re-consider its pricing strategies which would neither hamper the interests of the wholesale customers, nor would inhibit the profit margin of the company (Rivers, 2012). Challenge # 3: Quality Management In relation to quality management, the products which are produced by Albatross, i.e. bell anchors and snag hook anchors, follow distinct procedures or mechanisms and techniques. For instance, the bell anchors are

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Memorial Day for Iraq and Afghanistan Essay Example for Free

Memorial Day for Iraq and Afghanistan Essay The current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are a very big problem. Anyone will look at it as a serious peace concern. However, since any problems will also become solved in the future, it is a good thing that we have a fitting memorial when there is already peace in both countries. To memorialize the peace in Iraq and Afghanistan, there should be a dedicated date of holiday celebration. This day must be remembered as the liberating day for the people of Iraq and Afghanistan. There should be celebrations and that all people must have a break from their work and schools. It should be a national holiday for the two countries. It is also a good idea if both countries will build a monument in their capital cities. The monument should represent peace. It is very similar to the American War monument in Washington USA. Lastly, there should be a program of the Memorial Day. It means there must be parades and special public programs during the holiday event. A simple parade that will have children and youth participate so that they represent the future of peaceful nations in Iraq and Afghanistan. This will be simple but very significant. We all know that the peaceful days in our nation are very important to remember. We can have memorial days or independence days. But no matter what our plans of celebrating them, we should always memorialize the important contributions of people who sacrificed their lives for peace in our country.

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Overview Of The Success Of Alibaba Com

Overview Of The Success Of Alibaba Com The strategic plan defines Alibaba.coms overall mission and objectives, and that is true for any given company. Within each business unit, marketing plays a role in helping to accomplish the overall strategic objectives. Alibaba.coms goal is to build strong and profitable customer relationships. Alibaba.coms marketing strategy will consider the marketing logic by which the company hopes to achieve these profitable customer relationships. How they do that? Through market segmentation, targeting, and positioning. Guided by marketing strategy, designs a marketing mix made up of factors under its control (product, price, place, and promotion). To find the best marketing mix and put it into action, engages in marketing analysis, planning, implementation, and control. Through these activities, should watches and adapts to the actors and forces in the marketplace environment. It is clear that an objective is to win suppliers and buyers relatio nships. Long time relationships are profit to the company. The marketing mix is the set of controllable, tactical marketing tools that the firm blends to produce the response it wants in the target market. The marketing mix consists of everything the firm can do to influence the demand for its products and services. The many possibilities are collected into four groups of variables known as the four Ps: product, price, place, and promotion. (G. Armstrong, 2007) Product means the goods and services combination that offers to the target market, to the buyers. At web site buyers more often find not only the products they need but service agreement, warranty, or other services. All which are parts of the product package. Product package include: variety, quality, design, features, brand name, packaging, and services. Price Price is the amount of money Alibaba.coms buyers has to pay to obtain the product. The retail price of a consumer product may be suggested by the manufacturer, but retailers are free to set any price they wish for items sold in their stores. In business to business sales, the price of a product is usually negotiated. However, at, if a buyer wishes to get more of the same product, the buyer will get a discounted price. Place Place or distribution refers to the locations where the product is available to the customer. Most consumer products are available at retail outlets. In business to business, transaction should be from a manufacturing to the buyers. And every product, whatever it is a consumer or a business product, must begin somewhere, and must, somehow, get into the hands of the buyer. The path that the product takes, from the point of origin to point of sale, is called the distribution channel, which is an important part of the marketing mix. Most of Alibaba.coms products are from China. Therefore, must deal with third company such as FedEx to ease the transportation of the distribution. Promotion Promotion is the set of activities that communicates the merits of the product and persuades prospective customers to buy it. These activities include everything related to marketing communications: advertising, sales promotion, public relations, direct marketing, and personal selling. As for, the company needs to focus more into promotion. More direct marketing and advertising is the key to success at this stage. An effective marketing program blends all elements of the marketing mix into a coordinated plan designed to achieve the companys marketing objectives by delivering value to customers. The marketing mix constitutes the companys tactical tool kit for establishing strong positioning in the target markets or into the marketplaces. Conclusion and recommendations In conclusion, Alibaba Group makes it easy for anyone to buy or sell online anywhere in the world. Alibaba group is a family of Internet-based businesses that includes business-to-business international trade, online retail and payment platforms and data-centric cloud computing services. The Group was founded in 1999 by Jack Ma, a pioneer who has aspired to help make the Internet accessible, trustworthy and beneficial for everyone. The privately held Alibaba Group reaches Internet users in more than 240 countries and regions, and employs 17,000 people in more than 50 cities in Greater China, Japan, Korea, the United Kingdom and the United States. ( There are many companies partnered with Alibaba group. Such companies: Global leader in business-to-business e-commerce Taobao Chinas largest Internet retail website and one-stop platform for shopping, socializing and information sharing Alipay Chinas leading third-party online payment platform Alibaba Cloud Computing Developer of advanced data-centric cloud computing services China Yahoo! One of Chinas leading Internet portals Although, since Alibaba group was found in 1999, and won more than 6 awards and honors, I recommend that the marketing management of Alibaba group should look into consideration to their promotional strategy. In fact, more of public relations and advertising will pump up awareness. Doing so, the group may benefit more buyers and seller; after all, that is the marketing objective of the group.

Communication In Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Palliative Care Nursing Essay

Communication In Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Palliative Care Nursing Essay The following is an evaluation of enhanced communication techniques in palliative care for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) with reference to a case study. COPD is a debilitating terminal condition that is distinguished by a progressive airflow obstruction, primarily caused by smoking. It is usually not fully irreversible (NICE, 2010). For an airflow obstruction to qualify, post bronchiodilation FEV1/FVC is less than 0.7 ( FEV: forced expiratory volume in one second, FVC: forced vital capacity). The course of COPD is highlighted as being an illness characterised by a long inexplorable disease, punctuated with protracted periods of disabling breathlessness, reducing exercise tolerance, causing recurrent hospital admissions and premature death (Buckley, 2008). Diagnosis of COPD is not entirely dependent on severity of breathlessness but also history, physical examination and also spirometry confirmation of airway obstruction (Buckley, 2008; NICE, 2010). Because of the difficulty with the prognosis of COPD, it presents a challenge for physicians and healthcare practitioners to provide adequate care to patients (Curtis, 2006; NICE, 2010). Due to the nature of symptoms associated COPD (such as dyspnoea), patients more often die with COPD or related than from it (NICE, 2010) with mortality rate for men steadily reduced from 1970 while womens has seen a small but steady rise, although COPD mortality is on the general rise. Buckley (2008) reported that there was a relatively higher proportion, (72%) of COPD who die in hospital care, compared with 12% at home and none in hospices. Palliative Care Palliative care has several definitions but has similar concepts according to Campbell (2009). NICE (2010) guidelines define palliative care as active holistic care of patients with advanced progressive illness. Curtis (2006) defines palliative care as the goal being to prevent and relieve suffering and support the best possible loyalty of life for patients and their families and their families, regardless of the state of disease or the need for other therapies. The general aim of palliative care is to improve the quality of care through alleviation of symptoms and promoting comfort over treatment as some treatment involve mechanical aids which patients might find taxing (Curtis, 2006). This has brought about the suggestion for the need of specialised centres (Curtis, 2006) considering how little attention palliative care quality has received. Curtis (2006) then went on to report that there was a very low number of patients who talked about end of life care with their physicians, which can be made even more difficult with loss of emotional control or fear of having little training (Wittenberg-Lyles et al., 2008). There is also a need for patients to show more confidence in their carers (Curtis, 2006). The Gold Standards Framework GSF (2006) Prognostic Indicator Guidance (PIG) lists the criteria that would assist in making a prognosis for requirement of palliative care as: Severity of disease, such as FEV1 being less than 30% predicted Recurrent hospital admissions Long term oxygen therapy Shortness of breath with 4/5 grade on the Medical Research Council (MRC) Dyspnoea scale Signs and symptoms of right heart failure Other factor such as non invasive ventilation (NIV) The GSF (2006) PIG summarises which three steps are key to determine which patient needs palliative care. They are Identifying patient based on criteria Assessing needs Planning administration The above steps are dependent on patients satisfying chronic condition criteria listed earlier. Communication Communication is the process of enhancing thoughts or information between individuals through different media: spoken or written and through body language gestures (Payne et al., 2004). Buckley (2008) states that good communication is the key to the delivery of effective supportive palliative care services as it has an interpersonal perspective that is about health professionals and patients engaging emotionally (Wittenberg-Lyles et al., 2008). Delivering bad news is not an easy or comfortable feat. The United States EPEC (Education for Physicians on End of life) is a training program based on SPIKES model (Setting, Perception, Invitation, Knowledge, Empathy, and Strategy/Summary), that has listed steps to follow that in the delivery of bad news, summarised below: Preparing to meet i.e. location setting Assess what patient knows about condition Determine amount of information to give patient Delivery of news Respond to any questions from patient and/ or family Make follow up plan Case Study: Patient profile The subject used in the case study was an eighty year old man in a nursing home who presented as generally quiet, with long standing chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Consent was obtained from him to participate in the study with the potential benefits explained to him. The subject had history of chain smoking and was diagnosed with heart murmurs in 1986. Long term smoking causes the damage to the lung tissues and repeated chest infections (NICE, 2010) and is a major contributor to COPD. The subject was prescribed bronchodilator salbutamol 2.5mg/2.5ml nebuliser liquid unit dose vial, administered by mask one or two ampoules four times a day. It was used as and when it was required although he did not usually exceed three doses daily. The subject had shortness of breath with basic living tasks and dependent on staff. The subject had several GP visits for COPD associated chest infections in the last twelve months and had to be supported by pillows in an almost upright position to sleep to reduce the discomfort caused by the dyspnoea. The subject was chosen as he satisfied most of the criteria from the GSF (2006) in terms of shortness of breath, reliance on the bronchiodilator, several GP visits for chest infections and long history of smoking. The do not resuscitate (DNR) forms were filled in passed on to the multidisciplinary team that include the Ambulance service with the family aware. Communication in Palliative care with COPD Different communication techniques were employed when it came to dealing with the subject to reassure him and the family skills i.e. maintaining appropriate eye contact, low tone of voice is the key to the delivery of effective supportive palliative care service (Buckley, 2008). A SPIKES model approach was employed with the current case study. Discussion It is essential for nurses to establish a therapeutic relationship with patients as they interact more with the patient, employing strategies such as empathy, spending more time listening and being more initiative (Edwards, et al 2006). Communication sometimes can also been limited by workplace policies or insufficient training (Edwards, et al 2006), which raises the need for proper training to better these relationships (Davidson et al., 2002). The current case study was able to overcome the difficulties of communicating with the patient and family as they had been there already offering support, and hence during the meeting to discuss the end of life they stated that they were satisfied with the progress as part of the continued care. The subject did not seem to be happy with the nebulisation therapy at first and he expressed fear and anxieties because it was a new therapy, which was not unusual (Stevens et al., 2009). Curtis (2006) study argues that health care for patients with COPD was often initiated proactively based on a previously developed plan for managing their disease. The subject was given a choice if he wanted a member of his family to be present and if the time was appropriate to which he had no objection, being emotionally functional and able to make his decisions (Lemmens et al. 2008). It was also noted that the subject became more relaxed when the nebulisation therapy was explained to him that it would reduce the dyspnoea, rattly chest, symptoms that he acknowledged made his breathing difficult and other symptoms such as wheezing and sleep disturbance. It is important to have a suitable location where there would be few disturbances when breaking bad news (Stevens et al, 2009; Wittenberg- Lyle, 2006). In the case study, the subjects family was contacted in order to arrange a meeting to discuss his diagnosis, the way forward regarding his treatment and control of his symptoms and also make them aware of any changes that would need to be made in terms of his care. This afforded the subject and family to be to be reassured that the patient would be made as comfortable as possible to alleviate the symptoms of his condition through to end of life and bereavement. Conclusion Palliative care for COPD has not received much attention until recently. Communication is a very important aspect for high standards of care particularly in end of life care. Nurse to patient relationships are even more important as they play a major role; liaising with the family and multidisciplinary team to make the end of life as comfortable as possible. There is still much to be done in terms of communication training for nurses and also getting more physicians involved. The role of a multidisciplinary team is highly valued as it helps streamline the planning and administration of palliative care. The current case study found that the patient was happy with the way that the way that his care was planned.