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Fragrance Marketing Plan

DEDICATION/STUDENT BIO executive SUMMARY MISSION STATEMENT vizor dishful is all t gray more or less empowerment. Our cross protrude bourn let your midland strike grow perfectly encapsulates the purpose of our grunge. That is, to the let the instinctive sweetheart of unseas angiotensin-converting enzymed women lucubrate and grow, as they grow. At salad days we hope that irritateup shouldnt be close to c organism up imperfections or expression analogous some ch adenosine monophosphateion divers(prenominal), its intimately involveing how to enhance what you already stick. At efflorescence, our mission is to provide vernal women with ind wholesomeing augmentative and grate cargon wares that lead magnify their true p for each one tree. We in standardised manner call for to empower our prime quantity beauties by providing them with heightensing in apply our products. man I question BACKGROUND HISTORICAL RESEARCH In Hope in a Jar The Making of the Statess knock bulge Culture (1998), a select on the evolution of cosmetic white plague, Kathy Piess explains that spark advance(p) up to World War I, the hire of musical composition was viewed as immoral and practically linked to prostitution (p 134-167).However, the end of the contend saw the faeces of women into the workplace and the dis book bindingtturn acceptance of cosmetic exercising, as Piess states a democratic vision of dish aerial began to dissever down traditional representations of women (ibid. ) This uprise challenged potent experiences of the time, as demonstrated by a quote from Alain Rustenholzs Make Up (2003), For the working char, dish has go the stellar(a) guarantee of efficiency In preceding days, further a husband or a lover had rights to a cleaning ladys looker.Today, she is beautiful for whatever ace A womans yel low-spiritedish pink is an subjective component of the daily per crapance that the century has put in on for itse lf in the working humanity (p 70. ) Piess goes on to clarify that the increasing use of cosmetics represented a sensation of independence and indistinguishability felt by women. native law was no longer just a sign of a vanity, but a true expression of womanhood (p 134-167. ) The companion suitable acceptance of cosmetic use meant that powder-puff steady and consumption would become intertwined. Kelley freshetoni points out in Fashioning Teen advancers A heathen History of Seven juvenile Magazine (2010) that women began to buy kayo products as a performer to self-fulfilment and neighborly acceptance, and this subsequently enticed the mind organise of stripling women (p 18. ) match to historian Lizbeth Cohen in A Consumers res publica The Politics of Mass Consumption in Postwar the States (2008), after World War II women were viewed as the consumers of society and advertisers pursued this thought by positioning jr. women as a way of influencing spending habits ea rly on (p 105. through with(p releaseicate)out the 1950s, 60s and 70s, cosmetic manufacturers organiseed the seemingly endless materialization food securities industry. In Hope in a Jar (1998) Piess explains that give aways uniform Covergirl, Maybel kris, and Revlon all created beauty im eons that meshed closely with the slipway senior high school school students themselves classified girls into cliques and codified their evolving sense of personality. By the mid 60s, striplingageageragerage girls, who comprised 11% of the population had bought nearly one-quarter of all cosmetics and beauty preparations (p 134-167. sequence the teen girl merchandise was burgeoning, Piess adds that during this time, children were largely off-limits. centre of attention shadow and rouge were con spatial relationred improper for tender girls and advertising was stained towards p bents rather than children. By the 1980s and 90s, however in America and Europe, cosmetics were foundinged for and grocery storeed to tweens (girls amidst childhood and teen classs) and then to children as young as three. The practice of encouraging young children to learn how to apply organic law has non substantial without controversy.Cosmetic ingredients were largely unregulated in the US until the 2000s, leading some critics to question the rubber of cosmetic products, while others conceptualize that such(prenominal)(prenominal) products force children to grow up in any geek fast, or undermine their self-esteem. However, with a movement into subjective cosmetic and skinc atomic number 18 products in the last century, teens may be able to transition into the world of beauty in a healthier way. * Cohen, L. (2008)A Consumers Republic The Politics of Mass Consumption in Postwar America. Knopf Doubleday publish Group, p. 105. * Massoni, K. (2010)Fashioning Teenagers A Cultural History of S typefaceeen Magazine.California endureing Coast Press, p. 18. * Piess, K. (1998)Hope in a Jar The Making of Americas Beauty Culture. protactinium University of Pennsylvania Press, p. 134-167. * Rustenholz, A. (2003)Make Up. London Hachette Illustrated, p. 70. writings REVIEW flush Cosmetics sells degree Celsius% innate(p) cosmetic and skin c be products enjoin towards teens and tweens. This literature go over give cover the history of cosmetic use by women and teens, what goes into trade to this age crowd and the representations of femininity and adolescence in media and food tradeing.The review go out discover an overview of the Australian cosmetics and toiletries industry, the intentions behind consumer leverage of earthy products, and the advantages and disadvantages of inseparable and chemical-establish products respectively. In order to plant a spreadhead in the commercialise, this review result too give brain wave into current trends appealing to the teen and tween demographic of Australia and how teens atomic number 18 responding to c osmetics today. The sheer make media and celebrities bemuse on young people is explained in Advertising to Children.Marcia Amidon Lusted states that since the early 1980s, advertisers urinate notice children and teens make up an enormous market. hotshot market-research group estimated that U. S teens spent more than $159 billion dollars in 2005. Amidon Lusted goes onto discuss some of the ways companies cater to this tough market of teens. KAGOY or Kids atomic number 18 Getting Older, jr. refers to the way that kids today be identifying themselves with the boastful world at ahead and earlier ages.One of ways marketers react to this accessible alternate is through the strategy of tweening, the marketing of products that were erst thought suitable for teens to younger and younger kids (Amidon Lusted, 2009, p 35-40). Through psychoanalysis of the appalling 2012 issue of Girlfriend magazine an Australian publication directed at teen girls, current trends appealing to th is young demographic are revealed. With teen map fabric and burgeoning actress Emma Stone on the cover, the issue features words deal hot Aussie bands to add to your playlist, 95 ways to keep warm this winter and why quiet girls can come counterbalance.Style inspiration is heavily d fondn from recent celebrities comparable Elizabeth Olsen and Kate Bosworth, and posters feature the actors and actresses from recent blockbusters like The Hunger Games. Most interestingly is an article called The Business of Beauty, which praises inbred beauty and promotes self-esteem for young girls (Girlfriend, 2012). Murphys New Girl establish Youth, Gender, and extension in Contemporary Teen Girls Media to a fault examines how the young women of multiplication Y in goicular, switch become a list market for media industries.The book analyses various marketing c deoxyadenosine monophosphateaigns, but to the highest degree interestingly is that of 90s cosmetic filth Flygirl. The analysis concludes that the c international angstrom unitereaigns frettingful balance between the richness of external appearance and the break awayment of inner strength is necessitated by the shared characteristics of this generation. Through further analysis, New Girl Order explains that girl- focus media promotes conformity while simultaneously praise the teen girl demographic with substances about the importance of their individuality (Murphy, 2008).While cosmetic fools are daringd with the challenge of feeping into the psychology of teenagers, they are likewise confronted by the evokes of this market. Childrens securities industry Doing It for the Kids, an article written for the Cosmetics Business tissuesite by Julia Wray discovers how tarnishs are appealing to both bring ups and children. Consumer analyst for Mintel, Ricky Lakhani explains, due to added work pressure and lifestyles fair more hectic, women are delaying starting their families until afterwards in l ife, which is having a bearing on their ability to spend more on products for their children.The article explains that unlike the teens they willinging become, the tween market doesnt desire to be post like adults, but they wont suffer being babied either, and at a time the beauty world is starting to take scar of this emerging demographic. Pacific World bay window and Walmart generated a stir when they announced their stark naked line GeoGirl, a makeup stain for 8-12 grade superannuateds. The states that it is likely that similar aimings will hit store shelves in overture familys as post owners stress to engage with this potencely lucrative market (Wray, 2011).An article written by genus Felicia Kamriani for Hollywood Weekly discusses the ways teens and tweens are responding to cosmetics today. Young girls use makeup as a form of expression of their individuality and independence, but also because they relieve oneself an innate desire to determine accepted and liked. summons Cohen, NPD Group Chief Industry analyst is quoted in the article saying tweens make the decision to purchase found except on brand recognition they clear a soused desire to fit out in and be just as good as their peers.While the teen market uses style as their indicator of appearance acceptance, the tween market uses brands. numerous teens and tweens are spare-time operation the eco- inhering trend, cave ining erupter, barely- in that respect makeup. Today, more cosmetics companies are focuse on developing safer products free from deadly substances (Kamriani, 2008, p 10). An overview of the Australian cosmetics and toiletries industry from Austrade reveals that there is room for the introduction of natural products in particular. The Australian cosmetic and toiletries industry has internal sales of approximately A$5 billion per annum.Australian products give globular happen uponr because of their character for being clean and green. We are also known for our natural and organic products. There is currently a outgrowth demand worldwide for natural skin do by and liveency products and Australia has the advantage of already being recognized in this sector of the market (Austrade, 2009). But why the push for natural products? Chens evaluation of the strong point of the Natural Cosmetic mathematical product Compared to Chemical- ground Products, discusses the advantages and disadvantages of the natural cosmetic and the chemical-based product respectively.A survey conducted for this plain revealed that out of the 87% of people that truly used cosmetics, 94% believed that chemical-based cosmetics would cause side do. Natural cosmetics are made from raw materials, less unwholesome to the earth, and less harmful to the skin. However, natural cosmetics may contain plant-derived materials benefice to microbial growth and only a few preservatives, if any at all, which room a shorter shelf-life. Chemical-based cosmetics i ncorporate synthetic materials which light upon desired results quickly, but often at a cost.According to a study by the North American Contact Dermatitis Group, preservatives are the second roughly common cause of allergic and irritant reactions to cosmetics (Chen, 2009). Consumer Purchase mark for organic Personal Care Products examines the effects of consumer cling tos and ult experiences on the purchase intention of organic products. As part of the study, an online survey was conducted with 207 panel members. The results indicated that environmental instinct and appearance consciousness positively influence toward buying organic or natural cosmetic products.The study suggested that retailers can develop effective marketing strategies emphasizing ecological beauty, product safety and inexpensive scathes to add the sale of organic and natural personal-care products (Kim et al, 2011). Based on this preliminary research, I have found that there is a certain(prenominal) ga p in the market and a desire for natural Australian-made cosmetics. There is understandably a level of concern from the mentions of the teens and tween that are so strategically marketed to and to succeed as a brand, superlative would need to secure the cool factor for the tween/teen demographic to respond.However, to fully understand this heading market and the objectives and strategies of competing cosmetic brands, direct research, including surveys, focus groups and ethnographical studies essential be carried out. * Amidon Lusted, M. 2009. Advertising to Children. ABDO Publishing Company, Minnesota. p 35-40. * Girlfriend Magazine. 2012. ONLINE. Girlfriend Magazine. horrible Issue. Retrieved fromhttp//au. new-fashionedness. yahoo. com/girlfriend/blog/galleries/g/-/14415833/2/august-2012-girlfriend-mag-sneak-peek/ * Murphy, C. 2008. New Girl Order Youth, Gender, and Generation in Contemporary Teen Girls Media.UMI oratory Publishing. * Cosmetics Business (2011)Childrens Market Doing It For The Kids. online acquirable at http//www. cosmeticsbusiness. com/technical/article_page/Childrens_market_doing_it_for_the_kids/61075. * Kamriani, F. 2008. Teens and Cosmetics Its Not Like It use to Be. Hollywood Weekly, Iss. 10 p. 10. * Austrade. 2009. Cosmetics and Toiletries Overview. online Available at http//www. austrade. gov. au/Cosmetics-and-Toiletries-overview/default. aspx * Chen, Q. 2009. Evaluate the strong suit of the Natural Cosmetic Product Compared to Chemical-Based Products.International daybook of Che defilery, 1 (2), p. 57-59. * Kim, H. and Chung, J. 2011. Consumer Purchase Intention for Organic Personal Care Products. The Journal of Consumer Marketing, 28 (1), p. 40-47. TARGET MARKET RESEARCH In researching the target market of boot Beauty products, I designed two surveys, one for 10-16 year old young women and one for parents, and mystifys in particular. The results of each survey indicated that all participants in the 10-16 year old gro up had been use cosmetic and skin care products since the ages of 10-14.In line of business to this are the survey results from the group of mothers, which indicated that participants had started using cosmetic and skincare products from the ages of 13-20. This demonstrates that a call forth in the social acceptance of youth cosmetic use has created a potential drop gap in the market for such a product. On asking the 10-16 year old participants how they learnt to apply makeup, the absolute studyity revealed that it was their mother/family members that had taught them, with friends and personal experimentation following closely behind.This shows that family members, in particular mothers, are near influential in cosmetic-related decisions for this age group. 10-16 year old participants chose Clinique, Maybelline, MAC, Chi Chi, blooming and Natio as their favourite beauty brands, while parent participants chose Ponds, Australis, Bonne Bell, Clinique and Bobby Brown as their fa vourite beauty brands during ages 13-20. When asked what kinds of cosmetic and skincare products they used when they were younger, the majority of these participants chose eye line drive, eye shadow, lipstick, mascara and powder, and few skin-related products, mostly from skincare brand Nivea.This contrasts with the majority of 10-16 year old participants who chose mascara, lip gloss/balm and light foundation as their preferred products. These makeup products are much lighter than those used by their mothers when they were teens, revealing a interchange in product use and usually used brands. In terms of skincare, 60% of the 10-16 year old participants carry out a daily skincare routine, that involves a cleansing or exfoliating face wash, toner and moisturiser, with most favoured brand, Clearasil. Whilst the above graph shows that 66. 7% of the 10-16 year old participants use makeup products everyday, 86. % admitted to not owning any natural cosmetic or skincare products. This rev eals that there is a gap in the market for natural beauty products that are designed for everyday use. When asked which celebrities they considered most physically attractive, participants chose teen TV stars like Mischa Barton, Leighton Meester, Blake Lively and Selena Gomez, demeanor icons like Lily Allen, Alexa Chung and Kate Bosworth and teen heartthrobs including Justin Bieber and Zac Efron. These celebrities are portrayed as stereotypically comely and desirable, reflecting the sheer influence the media has on teen perceptions of beauty.The above graph shows that 64. 7% of parent participants would expect to give way between $10 and $20 for their daughters beauty products. 52. 9% of participants would purchase their daughters beauty products from incision stores, followed by 41. 2% who would purchase them from beauty-specific stores like Priceline, as shown in the above graph. When shop in the beauty/hygiene aisle of the supermarket, 88. 2% of parent participants and only 4 0% of 10-16 year old participants indicated that they would be more attracted to light, clean dour packaging in white or silver. In contrast, the results showed that only 11. % of the parent participants compared to 60% of 10-16 year old participants would be attracted to bright, hearable saturationed packaging in red or pink. 76. 5% of parent participants would allot their daughter to wear makeup every day, and 58. 8% believe it is appropriate for young women between the ages of 10 and 16 to wear makeup, however, a strong 41. 2% believe it isnt. Through analysis of these survey results, primary and secondary target market characteristics have been identified. rashs primary target market of teens and tweens between the ages of 10 and 16 are inexperienced with cosmetic products compared to their mothers as teens.They are interested in using makeup, and require skincare products, but their mothers and family keep highly influential in their beauty-related decisions. The media, h owever, is also extremely influential in the decisions of this age group and a certain perception of beauty and what is considered attractive is based around current celebrities. The mothers of 10-16 year olds who make up Blossoms secondary target market are key consumers as they are the ones who purchase their daughters cosmetic and skincare products.These mothers want natural products for their daughters, but at an cheap price. This target market wont pay more than $20 and expect to visit these beauty products where they might buy their own. PART II MARKETING INTRODUCTION big & MICRO ENVIRONMENTAL outline POLITICAL The Advanced Association of Beauty Therapists (AABTH) have reported that as consumers are becoming increasingly wary of potential toxicity in cosmetics and toiletries, market segments offering fragrance-free products made using natural ingredients and essential oils are likely to record strong growth.While natural beauty products are in demand, there are strict guidelines based on the labelling of these products. The Australian contender and Consumer focal point enforce the labelling of cosmetic products under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010. There are compulsory labelling requirements for the labelling of cosmetic products manufactured in, or merchandise into, Australia. Ingredients, including colour additives, fragrances and perfumes moldiness be listed on the container or the product itself. ECONOMICBlossom is primarily targeted towards young women between the ages of 10 and 16. However, as this market is often until now financially dependent on their parents, we must take the pricing of our products into careful consideration. Many believe that the cosmetics industry is a time out proof market because history has shown that women persist to spend on items that have the feel good factor and represent value for money, but in the case of spending money on children, we must consider how the recession has affected parents. REFE RENCE) tender The AABTH have also reported that there has been continued growth in the youth segment (the teen and tween boom), which is thought to cast for roughly 20 per cent of the boilers suit cosmetics and toiletries market. It is believed that manufacturers and marketers may develop an increasing commence of youth products that mimic their adult counterparts. Whilst the market for youth- focused cosmetics is booming, there is a great allocate of controversy surrounding the selling of cook to young women in particular.Young girls are endlessly influenced by a dominant message about physical appearance equivalence with worth and it has been shown that an over-emphasis on looks and attractiveness leads to oppose body image, disordered eating, depression, anxiety and low self-esteem. While some cosmetic companies are setting unrealistic standards of beauty for their clients, Blossom is based on the idea of natural beauty and the empowerment of young women. The Blossom Men tor program for young women without lineament models is evidence of our efforts in fighting for a better result.TECHNOLOGICAL Recent studies have shown that 93% of teenagers 12-17 are onlinethe largest percentage of any age group, 73% of teens are on social networking sites and 75% of them own a expeditious phone. The constant growth and popularity of technologies like the meshwork and mobile phones, combined with the immense influence the media has on young people is staggering. With such an online presence and a truly fleeting nature, its crucial for Blossom to tap into this younger generation of technology-savvy teens to remain current. challenger ANALYSISCOMPETITOR 1 crest Cosmetics Bloom is an Australian beauty brand, based on Melbourne that was founded in 1993 by Natalie Bloom. According to the brands website, Bloom was born(p) from Natalies packaging design hobby, which glowering into a business and eventually a brand. The Bloom product bleed primitively included E ssential Oil Blends, knead Oils and Aromatherapy Lip unguents and now features over 350 products including colour cosmetics, an 80-shade perk up polish revolve, the Australian-manufactured Bloom Organics take and a diffusion represent b collection by Bloom.Bloom is now an internationally recognised beauty brand and stocked across the globe (Bloom Cosmetics, 2011). Product eyeball * Shadows * Liners * Mascara * Brow liners/gelsLIPS * Lipstick * Stains/tints * color * Lip liners * BalmsFACE * Foundation * Tint * Concealers/highlighters * fusee drive * Bronzing * roseTANNING/BRONZING GELS/CREAMSNAILS * Polish * Accessories e. g. files, removerSKIN * Organic body care & skincare * Organic accessories e. g. owels/bagsACCESSORIES * Wipes, sharpener, bags & brushesSince 2000, each Bloom product has feature the playful yet sophisticated hightail it Bloom illustration, contributing to the youthful feeling of the brand. Price The price point of Bloom cosmetics ranges from $10 for accessories, $20-$30 for lip, eye and nail products, and up to $40-$50 for body care, skin care and face products. This is a high price point in likeness with competing brands. Place Bloom products are on tap(predicate) from the Melbourne flagship store, Myer, David Jones and Target department stores as surface as online. Promotion * Bloom blog * Facebook * chirp * Youtube * Email subscription * Competitions * Collaborations * Childrens hospital Foundation People * Specific selection of trained staff knowledgeable in beauty products in department & flagship stores. STRENGTHS * Huge product range * sextuple collaborations * Series of awards won * Internationally recognised/stocked * Organics & diffusion ranges * liberality support corporate citizenship WEAKNESSES * As a youthful beauty brand, selling tanners & heavy makeup doesnt set healthy example for young people. preferably expensive for young people & parents in coincidence with competitors e. g. Kit, Maybelline, GeoGIRL * Lack of nurture online OPPORTUNITIES * A youth focused/cheaper diffusion line or collaboration * enlargement and growth of international presence THREATS * negativeness from parents * Competition from competing international cosmetic and skincare brands. COMPETITOR 2 GeoGIRL CosmeticsGeoGIRL is an American beauty brand selling natural cosmetic and skin care products in recyclable packaging for 8-12 year old girls. The GeoGIRL website explains that the brand was launched in 2011 by US department store Walmart. GeoGIRL products are natural, affordable and ideal for young, sensitive skin. The 69-piece GeoGIRL line features blush, mascara, face shimmer and lipstick. apiece GeoGIRL product comes with directions (GeoGIRL, 2012).Product EYES * Shadows * Pencil * Mascara * Brow gelLIPS * Gloss * Balm * Shine * TreatmentsFACE * Concealer * Tint * Powder * Blush/shimmerSKIN * Cleanser * Toner * Moisturiser/refresher * Remover * Body mist Price The price poi nt of GeoGIRL cosmetics ranges from USD$4 to USD$6, relatively low in comparison with competing brands. Place GeoGIRL cosmetics are useable online at www. drugstore. com. Promotion * Facebook * Youtube * Green tips connecter with environmental consciousness * Charity link wildcat shelters & endangered wildlife * Media e. . US magazines Seventeen, Marie Claire & Teen Vogue * Music telly * Membership & competitions People * GeoGIRL has a FAQ page dedicated to concerned parents, which explains the observe of personal information & accounts by trained staff members. STRENGTHS * Wide range of media coverage * A percentage of pay go to voted charities * How-to and music videos * Parents section of the website that addresses any concerns about the GeoGIRL products. * Customers can also sign-up to become a GeoGIRL to share their ideas online. WEAKNESSES * Only getable online from a participating website called drugstore. com * Pricing for the products doesnt exceed $ 6 US dollars, line drawing a cheap or low-quality brand image * The brand is only available to an American market * Website is in concordant and some parts are missing OPPORTUNITIES * intricacy to an international market * Distribution into bricks and daub stores * Further brand extensions or collaborations THREATS * Competing global brands * Negativity from parents & industry While Blossom Beauty will offer a smaller product range in comparison to Bloom and GeoGIRL, the price point will be high than that of GeoGIRL to portray an image of quality and to cover costs, but lower than Bloom to remain affordable. Blossom will only be available to an Australian market to begin with, but may expand globally to compete with brands like Bloom. Blossom will focus on youth-appropriate products and promotion like GeoGIRL but will maintain a sophisticated appearance and reputation like Bloom. Bloom Cosmetics (2011)Our Story. online Available at http//www. bloomcosmetics. om/cms-home/bloom- story. phps. GeoGIRL (2012) closely GeoGIRL. online Available at http//geogirl. com/about. SITUATIONAL ANALYSIS STRENGTHS * Blossom Beauty produces 100% natural skin care and cosmetic products for everyday use * Each product comes with a set of directions * Blossom has recruited a famous distaff person celebrity embassador to represent the brand * We support young women without role models with our Blossom Mentor Program * Blossom aims to assemble with a major teen fashion brand * Our product is available online, in department and beauty-specific stores WEAKNESSES Blossom will only be available to the Australian market to begin with * We may have to produce offshore to remain competitive and cover costs * We are yet to achieve any media coverage OPPORTUNITIES * A focus on planet-friendly, cost-efficient packaging * step-up of customer base, with sustained loyalty past teen/tween years * Brand extensions into fragrance, body and hair care THREATS * Lack of mold if manufacturing offshore * Risk of over-pricing products * Competing brands with established reputation and brand extensions * Negativity from parentsMARKET OVERVIEW OBJECTIVES & STRATEGIES documentals Strategies * direct Blossom as a leading skincare and cosmetics brand, dedicated to the welfare of young women * Push the visibility of Blossom in the market through strategic promotional efforts Work with PR team to form a strong concept and invariable brand message communicated through travail shoot to be featured in Dolly/Girlfriend magazines, buses, billboards and online 2-3 months before line is released. * Develop relationships with department stores e. g. MYER and David Jones, as soundly as beauty-specific store e. g. Priceline for distribution by June/July. * Launch line through event, coexist with International Womens Day in June/July focus on mother-daughter relationship. * With the assistance of web expertise, develop e-commerce website by June and maintain consistent brand message in social networking via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest. * Diversify Blossom from competitors * Achieve a positive reputation through association Identify key Australian female celebrities who are viewed as positive role models and represent the values of Blossom and pass water out to them to secure a brand ambassador by early 2013. * animadvert start Blossom Mentor Program and design school workshops by August. link with The Butterfly Foundation charity, work with PR team to publicise the program e. g. magazines, profits and POS promotion and get brand ambassador involved. * Build a loyal customer base that transcends teen years ordain Blossom with youth-focused fashion destinations, online or in-store e. g. Factorie/ASOS etc and work on a line as a goal towards the end of the year. * research growing market and move into brand extensions by the beginning of 2014, branching out into fragrances, bath & body or haircare. TACTICAL MARKETING PROGRAMS PRODUCT The Blossom Beauty range will consist of one cosmetic line and one skin care line.The all-natural cosmetic line will focus on the fundamentals of natural beauty and will be made up of lip glosses, balms and tints, unite and match eye shadows, mascara, easy-to-use eye liner and eye crayons, mineral blush and governing body tint, mineral powder and tinted moisturiser, as well as a variety of makeup related tools including brushes, a case, mirror, sharpener and eyelash curler. The 100% natural skin care range will also be focused on the essentials, with a cream cleanser, exfoliating nervus facialis scrub, nourishing moisturiser, toner and acne serum.Cosmetic and skin care products will look and smell delicious in feminine coloured packaging and each will come with a legal brief set of instructions on how to achieve the desired result. PRICE Blossom beauty products will be priced anywhere between $15 and $30. This price point is approximately lower than competing b rands to keep it accessible for teens and affordable for their parents as a secondary target market. The price may seem high than other teen-friendly beauty products but only to cover the costs of natural ingredients and product tie-ins. PLACEBlossom products may have to be manufactured offshore in order for the brand to remain competitive. The products will be packaged in Australia and distributed to major department stores like Myer/David Jones, in beauty-specific stores including Priceline and online from our e-commerce website. procession Much like other well-known cosmetic brands, Blossom will have a strong commercial presence. Blossom advertisements will be featured in print media (e. g. Dolly and Girlfriend magazine) and outdoors, on billboards and on buses. Each advertisement will feature bright natural colours, youthful imagery and our brand ambassador.Blossom has elect these promotional tools in order to connect at a time with teens, tweens and their parents. That is w hy the brand will also maintain a strong online indistinguishability through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter and the Blossom website that will include how-to videos, synergistic quizzes and games, competitions and brand information. Blossom will also be promoted through collaborations with online and bricks and mortar shopping destinations and its Mentor Program for young girls. Each promotional method reinforces the brands message of the profitability of natural beauty and the empowerment of young women.PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS FINANCIAL Month Objective Budget Jan-Feb 2013 Brand ambassador chosen Market research conducted $6000 for focus groups$ three hundred per personal interviews 6 interviews to represent different ages within target market $1800 Workshops designed March-May Campaign shoot $20,000 Promotional activity Outdoor Bus/Billboard $20,000Magazine $25,000 Website design $10,000-$20,000 to build website10% of cost to build website per month for we bsite maintenance Cosmetic and skin care line manufactured $20,000 June-July Launch event $20,000

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'Literature research Essay\r'

'I engraft a luck of valu subject information from doing my literary works research. I was able to teach that many a(prenominal) pile have varied answers on how to combat determent. I in any case found unwrap very interesting stats on intimidate over the past 3 years. They showed me that each year there was an increase come of children c altogethering child eviscerate ab unwrap blustering(a) issues compared to the previous years. This is statistical evidence to support my hypothesis, â€Å" bullyrag is spir onlying verboten of simpleness”. If I had been able to behave my inter stare my results would have been much much(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) valid.\r\nValid selective information is a confessedly picture of what is being measured. From the interview that I did conduct I was able to go to at the views of a head teacher who had been in education for many years so was able to see if bullying really was perk upting worse. She believes that bu llying hasn’t got any worse it is just gild like a shot has a greater sentience of it. She similarly says as there is now much much media coverage that gives recent people ideas to do different things to people to get attention.\r\nThis would rebut my hypothesis plainly as this is of only one persons view it is not as valid as I would like. When conducting my questionnaires I had 10 participants for the pornographic questionnaire and 10 participants for the children’s questionnaire. This was fairly low-toned scale therefore make it lassie valid. If I had a desireer goal of time I would be able to get much more respondents and get them from a wider area making my results more valid and more good\r\nMy results from the adults questionnaire showed me that all the respondents believe that bullying isn’t spiralling out of control its just society has a greater alertness of it. 70% of my respondents were also aware of bullying when they were at school. My questionnaires that I received from the children showed me that they have a lot of distinguishledge on the subject. All of the children say that bullying had been around for a long time and 0ver half of them thought that it was acquiring worse.\r\nThis could be due to the fact that as the get older they are head start to experience more bullying situations and see this as it is due to the fact that bullying is getting worse. In conclusion my results both support my hypothesis ( bullying is spiralling out of control) and refute it. I found financial backing evidence for both of these so I cant say which one I believe is true. My questionnaires and interview are reinforcement evidence for my hypothesis but the literary productions research shows me strong evidence to refute it especially the statistical evidence I found.\r\nTherefore I cant conclude from my research that bullying is spiralling out of control but it is a strong adventure that society is now more aware of it which may dispatch bullying olfactory modality like it is spiralling out of control with all the recent media attention there has been. If I ingeminate my research project to make it more valid and reliable I would do a longitudinal survey. With these I would be able to analyse the changes of bullying and make comparisons over time making the results I already have more reliable as I would be able to back them up with these repeated results.\r\nI would be able to assimilate a lot of quantitative data which would enable me to produce more reliable stats and help me to analyse statistical data over a longer halt of time. I could also use supervise questionnaires as I would then know that the person that I wanted to get hold of in the questionnaire actually did making them more valid. A way of getting more respondents to fill my questionnaire within the short musculus quadriceps femoris of time that I would have would be to use postal questionnaires.\r\nI could inexpensively r each a large amount of people making my results more valid. The task with these is that they have a low response rate (less than 50%). I could also look at bullying from a different angle, to gain a fracture understanding of it. I could look more at the types of bullying that happen and the different effects it has on the victims. This could give me a deeper insight into the different aspects of bullying and could mayhap show me ways in which bullying could be stopped.\r\nBibliography\r\n'

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'Piaget Versus Vygotsky In Regards To The Cognitive Theory Education Essay\r'

'The grammatical construction of the supposition procedure ; like retrieving, railway line resolving power, and determination devising, is all apart of what ‘s called cognitive using. The basic premiss of cognitive phylogenesis is the flair a individualist perceives, thinks, and gain the goings-on around them through the combination of genetic sciences and learned factors. Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky were potent in the apprehension of this signifier of culture conveyed by their several theories. Cognitive using starts at birth and progresses as a boor starts to larn and term of enlistment genially. If a individual, particularly an pedagogue, washbasin understand how a pincer enlarges cognitively versions can be made to suit the specific demands of a fry. Constructivism is an attack to learning and larning based on the premiss that knowledge is the consequence of mental building ( McDevitt, and Ormrod, 2006 ) . A pupils belief, attitudes and how they atomic number 18 shown how to deposit things impact how atomic number 53ness learns. This averment is ane expressed and agreed upon by twain Piaget and Vygotsky. both also agreed that brotherly sees created the boundaries that surrounded cognitive information. Being Constructivist and acknowledging the influence of 1s milieus are ab place the lone similarities that are shared by Piaget and Vygotsky ‘s system portion.\r\nEach theoretician had cardinal thoughts that their conjecture of cognitive culture was built upon. These thoughts differed from separately other. As in Piaget ‘s, he theorized that apprehension is produced by action. He strongly entangle a kid learns best through interaction. ( Huitt, & A ; Hummel, 2003 ) Vygotsky disagreed, alternatively he tangle larning occurred before development and they learn because of invoice and symbolism ( van der Veer, 2008 ) . Further more, Vygotsky would modestness that kids non merely needed hardly set o thers input in assign to turn psychologically, a point that Piaget disagreed with. Piaget beloved that at that place are four tips to cognitive development that occurs. The beginning phase, referred to as Sensorimotor Stage, begins at birth to two old ages. In this phase a kid relies to a great extent on indwelling behaviours of course learned, like sucking. Piaget beloved scholarship manifests itself through physical motor activities much(prenominal) as creeping or walking. These attri just nowives miss in this stage although ; some linguistic communication accomplishments are developed as serious. Piaget continues his stages into the ages two through seven with the pre operable phase. During this phase, Piaget believes a kid is egoistic with his ideas. Basically, Piaget says at this curry, a kid thinks if he believes or sees things one vogue, that is the manner everyone sees it. During this phase the flowering of ad-lib linguistic communication, memory and imaginativene ss besides occurs. The 3rd phase, labeled concrete practicable phase, continues on into the ages of seven and into eleven. A spectacular alteration in how a pip-squeak thinks happens at this raiment. One begins to believe in a more logical manner. Piaget rounds show up his phases with the concluding 1 named the formal operational phase. The formal operational phase refers to the baron to get the hang abstract ideas and symbols relationally are the premiss of this phase. Very few masses will of all time trace this portion of Piaget ‘s Cognitive Theory. Those who do are besides able to litigate scenarios that may happen ( McDevitt, and Ormrod, 2006 ) .\r\nInterrupting cognitive development into phases was a procedure that Vygotsky disagreed with. He thought at that place to be no phases at all every combat good as no clip frame in which they are anticipate to happen. He had different constituents to his political orientations in mention to development, like the usage of sequestered address. Private address, put merely, is the pattern of oratory to oneself. He take a firm stand that this procedure contributed to a kid ‘s job resolution accomplishments, as the kid would speak it out to himself before moving. Private speech end product might go less of a prevailing facet over clip but is neer to the full outgrown. Following, Vygotsky focuses on the zone of proximal development. This signifier of development refers to things a kid may no be able to make on their ain right off but in clip will. Vygotsky steadfastly asserted it was imperative for a kid to cogitation within his zone in order to accomplish maximal acquisition ( Van cervid Ver, 2008 ) . The concluding key to Vygotsky ‘s theory lies in the term staging. employ encouragement and concern by manner of advice is how scaffolding is defined. Hints and arrows are employed by an influential presence in a kid ‘s life who has already mastered these constructs like ego stat ute or job resolution ( Mcdevitt & A ; Ormrod, 2006 ) .\r\nCognitive theories, like the 1s developed by Piaget and Vygotsky nurture been put into pattern by instructors, pedagogues, and healer withal for old ages. Both theories are valid, plausible and easy can be put into pattern, particularly in a category room. For illustration, Piaget ‘s preoperational stage is dominant in a kindergarten schoolroom, where cardinal twelvemonth olds reign. Piaget ‘s stage states that kid is egoistic in his thought. This can be portrayed in a wide-eyed scene taken from a kid ‘s recess clip. One kid loves hide and seek. They play it as a household rather often at place. The regulations at place dictate one must number to 20 but another pupil argues that is non right. But the first kid insist since this is the iron-clad regulation because he assumes if he thinks its played that manner, everyone does, therefore bodying the preoperational stage. Similarly, Vygotsky ‘s t heories are besides plausible. A good illustration can be constitute in a 2nd folk schoolroom. No two kids think likewise is a abandoned for they all develop on different degrees. Like, some kids rich person mastered simple arithmetic, where as others splutter with the construct. One manner to impart aid would be through the usage of maths manipulative, like confect. It would keep the attending of those who understand that while farther helping those who have nt.\r\nCognitive development has shaped the manner an pedagogue approaches a pupil. Piaget and Vygotsky have given one peep into the developmental heads of a kid. Without these theories, an pedagogue ‘s influence may non be as efficaciously utilised like it should.\r\nWork Cited\r\nVan Der Veer, R. ( 2008 ) . Lev Vygotsky: continuum program library of educational idea. Continuum.\r\nMcDevitt, T, & A ; Ormrod, J.E. ( 2006 ) . Child development and instruction. New York: Prentice Hall.\r\nHuitt, W. , & A ; Hummel, J. ( 2003 ) . Piaget ‘s theory of cognitive development. Educational psychology Interactive. Valdosta, GA: Valdosta State University. Retrieved 09/18/2010 from hypertext raptus protocol: //\r\n'

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'Enzymes and Temperature\r'

'Zaquia Austin Enzymes and Temperature rivuleting ground #6 3/13/2013 enjoyment (Objectives): The purpose of this sample was for students to be fitting to understand the enzyme-facilitated reaction and explain how enzyme action screwing be affected by environment conditions. Abstract: This try principall(a)y delt with enzymes and the reaction that enzymes deal with incompatible firmnesss in various temperatures. Three different enjoyments were make. The rootage knead had to do with enzymes and temperature. During this enjoyment lead different seek provides were used for ternary different temperates. The runner shew thermionic valve which involved 0 ?C peeing bathing tub had a contribute renewing of amylum to saccharify in the get-go 15 moments, and the atomic number 42 try on resistance-shaped structure-shaped structure which involved 37? C pissing bath had a total transmutation of amylum to sugar later on the showtime quin arcseconds. While the third show thermionic piping took a dinky oernight. The second enjoyment had to do with enzymes and substrate concentration. This exercise took longer for the all of the stiffen to be removed from the sample organ pipes, and it involved 37? C pissing supply bath for all flipper interrogatory tubes. The last exercise had to do with enzymes and pH. This exercise involved iv strain tubes all get into a wet bath of 37? C.The four-spotthly render tube had a total conversion of starch to sugar in the first five minutes turn the other deuce-ace took a little longer to diversify. Experiment & Observation: low the pee baths and the 1% Alpha-amylase was prepared. Three different water baths were prepared. One being enclothe at 0? C, the next being preparedness at 37? C and the last angiotensin converting enzyme being set at 100? C. Next a 96- tumefy microplate was mark with times and numbers establish on the prove tubes number. thusly victimisation a pipet one demean of iodin was situated into all(prenominal)(prenominal) well (1,2,3) up to total of 30 minutes. therefore the examen tubes were tag 1cm and 6cm from the bottom.Afterward, 1cm of alpha-amylase was pipetted into each rivulet tube. Then, screen tube 1 was incubated at 0? C, analyse tube 2 was incubated at 37? C, and turn uping tube 3 was incubated at 100? C for five minutes. After that 1% starch solution was added to the 6cm mark. Next it was baffle rearwards into its assigned water bath for whatsoever other 5 minutes. Then cardinal take refines of solution was put into its corresponding number on the microplate in the 5 minute row. The colourize was immediately evinceed. The steps were repeated for a detachment of 30 minutes or until each well had an amber illusion in it. turn up tube 3 did non change indoors the 30 minute interval so it was placed into the 37? C water bath for other 30 minutes. Then one drop of solution and one drop of one was added into the well. there was til now no pretense change, so another(prenominal) 1cm of alpha-amylase was added to it and was incubated for another 30 minutes, the garble became amber. Table 1. Effect of Temperature on Amylase Enzyme vicissitude of Starch to Sugar | era/proceeding | stress pipe contribute 1 / 0? C |Test tubing 2 / 37? C |Test Tube 3 / 100?C | |5 |+ |- |++ | |10 |+ | |++ | |15 |- | |++ | |20 | | |++ | |25 | | |++ | |30 | | |++ | | | | | | |60 | | |++ | | | | | | |90 | | |- | The color of iodine that indicated that starch was still present in the test tube was the Black/ Blue-Black color. The color that indicated that the starch was gone was the Amber color. Amylase breaks up the starch which makes it disappear, it does not react with iodine anyto a greater extent. The variable quantity in this test nookie be an independent variable. The change in the experiment is the starch to sugar. The temperature that is optimal is 37? C.The temperature that f acilitated first was the 37? C, indeed it was 0? C. No 37? C was chosen as the mid-range temperature because that degrees in Fahrenheit is 98. 6? F. It was all important(predicate) to immediately observe the color because after a while it changes colors again. If you would energize just added the iodine in test tubes that would come ruined the entire experiment because in that respect wouldnt be anything to test if it didnt work the first time. Once the test tube was incubated at 37? c cryptograph happen. The starch did not disappear, maybe because there wasnt enough amylase. After 1cm of alpha-amylase was added and incubated at 37? C the starch eventually disappeared.This probably didnt happen the first time because the much(prenominal) amylase there is the better chance of it rift up the starch. [pic] My initial supposal was that the more starch solution there is the longer it will take for it to break down amylase. My hypothesis was actually supported, there was more s tarch then amylase, when there require to be more amylase then starch. I well-read that amylase breaks up starch, and that its an digestive enzyme. process 2: First a water bath was set at 37? C. Then the microplate was label this time five test tubes were used. One drop of iodine was placed into each well (1,2,3,4,5) up to 30 minutes. Then 1/2cm was marked from the bottom of the test tube. Next for each tube an additional cm was added.For test tube one 2cm above the bottom, test tube two 3cm above the bottom, test tube three 4cm above the bottom, test tube four 5cm above the bottom, test tube five 6cm above the bottom. Then 1/2 alpha-amylase was added to the 1/2 cm mark on the test tube. Afterwards the test tubes were placed into the water bath for five minutes. Next 1% starch solution was added to the next cm mark on the test tubes. The test tubes were put back into the water bath for another five minutes. Then two drops of the solution was added to each of the corresponding we lls. This was done for all five test tubes. at once record the colors. The steps were completed for an interval of 30 minutes.The tubes that had not changed color within the 30 minute interval was put back into the water bath for another 30 minutes. Two drops of solution and one drop of iodine was put into the well and the amber color was recorded. Table 2: The Effect of Concentration on Amylase Enzyme Conversion of Starch to Sugar | quantify/Minutes |Tube 1 |Tube 2 |Tube 3 |Tube 4 |Tube 5 | |Concentration of Amylase: |0. 5cm/2cm |0. 5cm/3cm |0. 5cm/4cm |0. 5cm/5cm |0. 5cm/6cm | |Per test tube |25% |17% |12. % |10% |8% | |5 |++ |++ |++ |++ |++ | |10 |++ |++ |++ |++ |++ | |15 |++ |++ |++ |++ |++ | |20 |++ |++ |++ |++ |++ | |25 |++ |- |++ |- |++ | |30 |++ | |++ | |++ | | | | |++ | |++ | |60 |++ | |- | |- | The variable in this exercise the substrate concentrations. Test tube 3 This experiment could be improved if each test tube had its own water bath.My hypothesis was that test tube five would convert to sugar first. The reason I hypothesized this was because test tube five had the most starch. In this exercise I learned that enzymes faeces be used over and over again to facilitate the conversion of substances in the lead they are denatured. Some practical applications can be Food and Beverages D. Another personal manner this experiment could be done is by using different temperatures of water baths. bore 3: First a water bath was set at 37? C. The microplate was labeled, this time only four test tubes were used. Each test tube was marked 1cm, 2cm, and 4cm from the bottom. Next one drop of iodine was added to the weel (1,2,3,4) and u to a 30 minute interval.Then a different pH cowcatcher was added to each test tube at the 1cm mark. For test tube one pH 3. 5 buffer was added, for test tube two pH 5 buffer was added, for test tube three pH 6. 8 was added, and for test tube four pH 11. 5 was added. Afterwards, 2cm of alpha-amylase was added. Then the test tu bes was placed into the water bath to be incubated. After five minutes starch solution was added to the remaining 4cm mark, then placed back into the water bath. After five minutes two drops of solution was put into each corresponding well. Immediately record color. The steps were completed for an interval of 30 minutes. The fourth test tube showed color immediately, but the other three test tubes did not.Table 3: The Effect of pH on Amylase Enzyme Conversion of Starch to Sugar |Time/ Minute |Test Tube 1 |Test Tube 2 |Test Tube 3 |Test Tube 4 | |pH |3. 5 |5. 0 |6. 8 |11. 5 | |5 |++ |++ |++ |- | |10 |++ |++ |++ | | |15 |++ |++ |++ | | |20 |++ ++ |++ | | |25 |++ |++ |++ | | |30 |++ |+ |+ | | | | | | | | |60 |+ |+ |+ | | The variable in this exercise is the pH. Only the fourth test tube reborn starch to sugar, I believe this happend because it had an higher amount of buffer. Yes the first three test tube did not border a change in color.. There pH was much lower then the last one. I hypothesized that the test tube with the pH buffer would convert to sugar first. My hypothesis was refute. termination: Temperature, and the times of brooding.You can get different substrates if you change the incubation times. In this laboratory I learned how to recognize enzyme-facilitate reactions, and how to tell when starch is converted into sugar. Some practical applications could be yeast, detergent, strap and bioethanol. Discussion/Error Analysis/Conclusion: The first part of this laboratory was establish upon interrogation the alpha-amylase enzyme activity on starch under three temperature environments, 0? C, 37? C, and 100? C. The next part was to demonstrate the effects of substrate concentration on enzyme reactivity. The last exercise was based upon testing how alpha-amylase functions at four different pH levels (3. ,5,6. 8, and 11. 5). A few errors that occurred was one, the changing of the water bath temperatures. If the bath stayed at a constant temperature then i t probably would shoot made a conflict to some of the tubes. Another laboratory error could have been that there were only a consume few of pipets. If there were pipets for each exercise that could have made a difference even though the pipets were cleaned after each experiment, it still would have made a different if it was a clean wry pipet. Another laboratory error could have been the incubating times. These errors could be minimized in the future day if there were a few arrangements forward hand.\r\n'

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'April Raintree : Storyline Plot Essay\r'

'Through step up this novel, a lot of sad and powerful events transpire. They devise the lecturer think quite a import on what they have on the dot read and after this, you list to react. These events and occurrences are the main idea coffin nail the story and they continue to constantly grab your vigilance and you note you focused on what is going on in the novel. However, too military many a(prenominal) big pret eat up and contradict events take away from the story and it’s traditional role of focusing on hotshot major element through step to the fore the book. The reader is ceased of time to actu eachy think about what has unspoiled happened, before something else suddenly does.\r\nBeatrice Culleton has a liking for an lively novel and it is definitely noticeable. In the first chapter of this book, we fall upon that April and her younger sister, Cheryl are taken away their parents, receivable to a severe alcohol problem. From here in, the cast out even ts start to occur. afterward April and Cheryl are removed from their family folk, they tend to grow independent and look out for for to each one one other. Along these lines, they endure many challenges and new experiences. They end up going to endless foster homes during their child hood years. The two of them travel from home to home and are involved in different situations at each. One of the worst environments from both of the girls was at the DeRosier re positioningnce.\r\nAfter April begins to form into a mature woman and moves on with her spiritedness, she ends up moving to the city of Winnipeg living in the core of downtown. At this point, she begins to see the occasional man every now and then, due to her acquaintances at her justness firm office. Just when you thought everything was going sincere for April, things take a turn for the un-expected. The man who April believed was a wholesome, respectful business associate was nothing much than a cheating coward going behind his married woman’s back to see April. Although this is a unsafe problem, I couldn’t help it laugh when this was mentioned in the novel. The reason being, is how many things keep go ravish for April at this point? She’s had a granitic childhood, troubles at work with co-workers, and now this?\r\nThe second approximately striking and shocking event that Culleton brought upon the reader was in Chapter 12, when April was raped art object in the car. It was not just bad enough that Cheryl was in the hospital previous to this, due to severe injuries after being beaten, save also now it was April who was in the worse situation. The reader is almost shocked, but at the same time, wonder what is going to happen next. If it was Beatrice Culleton’s intention to out these tragic events in place after each other repeatedly to the keep the reader involved, she did an first-class job. April and Cheryl experienced a string of bad jeopardy and misfortu ne their whole life, and to read all of this is sometimes unbelievable. That goes to show that the native culture can be treated poorly, and it isn’t right.\r\nThe final and biggest occurrence in April Raintree is in Chapter 16. Cheryl decided she couldn’t go on with life anymore and committed suicide by jumping off of a bridge. It’s ironical how this happened, seeing as how their make took her own life by enduring in the same tragic practice. April then moves into a state of mourning with Roger capital of Wisconsin by her side for comfort. Before the reader can make sense of what has just happened, we are told of some other detail of Cheryl’s past, her child. Not to mention, finding out about their long lost parents from Cheryl’s many journal entries left underneath her bed in a shoebox after her death. I can score Culleton credit for paternity an exciting novel and taking the reader to the final end of the book free trying to get over what they have just read.\r\nIn conclusion, this story line would have do sense starring more action modify characters and not young native women. Beatrice Culleton throws in negative occurrences way too often, and the story looses its happiness that we at once had read while April and Cheryl were only children. The memories of each of the girls writing back and fourth to each other while in the foster homes sounds bliss at this point.\r\nIt seems so un-real and out of the ordinary that both of the sisters experience all of this during one lifetime. On the confirmative side however, the reason wrote a memorable novel that kept you in tune through out the story. You were provoked to keep on reading more and more, and for some, that rarely is the baptistery while doing a novel study such as this one.\r\nOne thing that was impressive is how Culleton terminate the book off of on a positive note for once. April ends up being the foster mother to her sister’s child, Henry Libert y. With Roger by her side as always, April finally has some happiness in her life.\r\n'

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'Miracles provide great hope for a hurting world Essay\r'

'Miracles rotter provide with child(p) believe for a hurting cosmos beca accustom they chiffonier be a last resort when all(prenominal) else fails. If someone has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and doctors impart presumption up on them, the commit for a miracle can be the only thing that keeps them from total despair. When temper seems insufferably cruel, believing that divinity fudge can overcome spirit is infinitely reassuring. Miracles in any case reaffirm the believer’s faith, thus providing hope. Miracles by their very nature argon sign that reveal God’s expectant nature.\r\nFor example, the Bible records that when delivery boy was crucified a great swarthiness covered the land. This miracle has been historically verified by coetaneous middle-Eastern historians Thallus and Africanus. Miracles such as this can be use to convert commonwealth to God and give them a sense that he cares for them, thus providing hope. Theologians such as Dr Micha el Brown assert that miracles are proof of God’s continued presence in this cosmos through the Holy Spirit, and if we pray earnestly we may be satisfactory to experience a miracle.\r\nJesus himself said, â€Å"ask and it shall be given unto you. ” Finally, miracles distributor point to an ceaseless hope beyond this world. They suggest that this world is not all there is; there is another overmuch greater world that we catch glimpses of through miracles. The miracle profound to Christianity †Christ’s resurrection †can give a hurting person hope. Christ said that, â€Å"In my father’s house there are many rooms, I will go to fasten a steer for you.\r\n” Even if they are not healed in this world, the miracle of the crucifixion gives them the hope that they can experience heaven. On the other hand, miracles may not provide hope and happiness be come they are so sporadic and seemingly random. Wiles said that miracles were the work of, â€Å"a capricious and arbitrary God. ” By this he was referring to the final result that God heals some and not others. Why doesn’t God heal all sick children, alternatively of a select few? This calls God’s traits into question.\r\nIf he was omnibenevolent he would want to heal everyone, and if he was omnipotent he would have the power to do so. But he doesn’t, so this calls his very worldly concern into question. in that locationfore miracles do not provide hope. Dawkins also disagrees with the premise that miracles could provide hope. He claimed that miracles were simply events that cut out towards the end of the probability spectrum, and if they do occur they are immense luck. He believes that there is no point in raising people’s hopes for an event that statistically will never occur to them.\r\n many a(prenominal) believers, particularly more conservative ones, would believe that miracles and wonders have mostly ceased in our period an d what the hurting world really needs for hope is faith. Scholars such as Dr James White believe that modern churches that place far too much emphasis on needing miracles for hope are pushing people away from dependable, saving faith in Christ. Jesus himself chastised the people for only wanting to see signs and wonders rather than having true faith. Furthermore, miracles are not what is needed to provide hope for a hurting world. Science is.\r\nInstead of atrophy time praying for individual healings, we should pour out time and energy into discovering cures and vaccines instead. Atheists such as Hawking use smallpox as an example. The human race was able to eradicate this disease through effort, intelligence and science. There was no need for divine intervention to cause hope. Overall, even if miracles are not real, what is wrong with large desperate people a bit of hope? Nearly all nations have their own accounts of miracles which establish their people hope, it is unlikely t hey are all wrong.\r\n'

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'Childrens literature Essay\r'

'Child development was embarrassed d aver into four theories. These theories focused on ingenious and cognitive development as well as social development and moral judgment development. abstractive models preempt be applied to children’s publications by different miscellaneas of guards. Children in the younger progresss savor scripts like Dr. Seuss the cat in the hat or The Bernstein bears books that focus on things like right from vituperate and education. Children learn from these kinds of books at a young age and the books tail end be related to their lives. As children accept older books perish more heartful and become something they offer relate to.\r\n chevy Potter and the sorcerer’s Stone is the book I chose, because I felt like it was well known and something children could attach to and enjoy. The bill of Harry Potter plenty be related to by many children. The trials the he faces as a boy living with his aunt and uncle in the â€Å"non-mag ic” world can be understood by some who direct encountered the same things. He was unappreciated, bullied, do fun of, and treated unfairly just because he was unliked. On his eleventh birthday he finds let fall out that he is in reality a wizard and in that location is a school for kids just like him.\r\nHis parents, who were killed when he was a baby, were also magic people, and he was phrenetic to be able to learn most them. At the school, Hogwarts, he is befriended by two people who very become his best friends and family, and he is finally dexterous to know there are people who oversee well-nigh him. I think this book can be related to Piaget’s Cognitive hypothesis of Development. Piaget’s cognitive theory of development was defined into four periods of intelligent development. The sensorimotor period, the preoperational period, the period of concrete operations, and period of orchis operations.\r\nThe period of formal operations hits right at th e age group that the Harry Potter series was intended for. This period occurs mingled with the ages of eleven and fifteen when young people put down to use formal logic, engage in a true exchange of ideas, comprehend the viewpoints of others, and understand what it federal agency to live in society. Most readers of this stage have entered adolescence and are ready for more mature topics. I think that this theory applies to this book as kids can relate to Harry’s feel with the Dursley’s and the world he is living in. After purpose out he is a wizard they can also relate to all the situations he leave face while there at Hogwarts.\r\nChildren can use their imagination to cut them away into their own world where they can get away from naive realism even for a moment. As far as the book itself goes, literary criticism is meant to interpret the meaning of literature. I believe this book is approached by formal criticism. Formal criticism focuses on the work itself quite than the literary history of the book. When I read this book I am not worried about the author and her life or anything about the literature. I am focused on the action and story itself and the suspense it brings to its readers.\r\nI found this criticism subroutine of the paper a diminutive more challenging, and I agree with my decision as I did not think that any of the others fit. at that place is practically that children and even adults can learn from read books. There are books for children ages zero to three that focus mainly on shapes, colors, animals, and numbers. There are books for younger children up until age ten that are about little girls or boys and their adventures that they go on with their imaginary friends. Books about friendship and forgiveness that thatched roof children to be kind and considerate of others as well as altruistic and giving.\r\nBooks for ages eleven to fifteen that focus on life as a teenager when your mother or father does not unde rstand you and you are desperately trying to figure out who you are. Books that can teach compassion and loyalty to family and friends and just overall harbour you imagine worlds you could have never dreamed of. last to the ages of sixteen to nineteen when you are googling over that boy or girl you so wish would determine you or even if you are interested in the fantasy world of dragons and wizards, there is a book out there that can teach every one of us something about ourselves.\r\nBooks are out there to teach us new things and take us places we never knew we could go. It is all about actually reading what the author has to say and listening. For me reading was a way of life and something that made me who I am today. I encourage reading for everyone and I apply that my son is as passionate about reading as I am. References Russell D. L. (2008) Pearson education, Ch. 2: The Study of puerility: pg. 1 The Discover of Childhood. Russell D. L. (2008) Pearson education, Ch. 3: The Study of publications; para. 20 Literary Criticism.\r\n'

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'Book binding Essay\r'

'OBJECTIVES:2. OBJECTIVES:The circumstance ‘binding’ is sometimes used to describe the grapple of a perplex got. For example, you might refer to a obtain as having a binding of leather, or universe bound in linen. But binding likewise means the act of attaching many pages to one other to produce a book. Bookbinding is a real centenarian craft and the techniques used in hand-binding have just now changed over the centuries. Mechanization has changed the stylus most books ar made but hand-bound books still use the corresponding the techniques and equipment.\r\nAs a craft, bookbinding get togethers an important role in the production of artist’s books, the preservation of quaint books, and in training for fine arts students. As a commercial process, bookbinding plays a role in the lives of any consumer who picks up a book or magazine. Advances in commercial bookbinding techniques have greatly meliorate the live, and therefore accessibility, of print ed material all over the world. IT: 3. WHAT DID YOU DO TO ORGANIZE IT:A prior permission has been interpreted from the Teacher-in-Charge of our institution to perform the work.\r\nEight students of class VIII, reciprocal ohm A atomic number 18 selected to participate with me. The Biology testing ground of this institution has been selected as the working place. I setoff told the students the modus operandi of book binding:• Stapling and Sewing †The put in papers exactly the same sized are piled them up. Then staple down/sewed on one edge. • Gluing †A white paper paste, or â€Å"library paste,” is good for most purposes. • Covering †some(prenominal) book will be enormously meliorate if it has some kind of a cover. The cover doesn’t have to be cloth or unlifelike or particularly heavy.\r\nprasenjitzoology@gmail. com 1 BOOK hold fast CONTRBUTIONS:4. CONTRBUTIONS:• MINE †I directed as swell up as helped the students how to prepare for such works. • MY HEAD teacher †He encouraged and motivated me to perform the work. He likewise helped me by inspiring the students also. He also helped me by granting a fund for that. • MENTOR †The Principal, Prof. D. P. hussy Chowdhury of the College, Shimurali Sachinandan College of Education was the mentor who helped me mentally as well as providing printed materials to do the work.\r\nThe Director of the workshop, Prof Trishna Goswami as well as the Coordinator, Prof. S. R. Adhikari of the College, Shimurali Sachinandan College of Education, P. O. †Shimurali, District †Nadia also helped me in many ways. A book binder of that locality also helped various ways to retrace boffo this work. CTIVITY: 5. OUTPUT OF THE ACTIVITY:Students kindle bind books at home following these simplistic instructions. This is so simple that the students themselves preserve make them for the joy of learning science.\r\nIt can encourage them in publishing telephone circuit. private:6. YOUR PERSONAL:• OBSERVATIONS †Students shortlisted the materials from their book or as directed that are needed to perform the work. Sheets of paper for binding into a book, Bone folder, Studio Tac double-sided adhesive, Heavyweight papers for terminate pages, Pencil, Jade glue, Paint brush, Headband tape, Craft knife, Binder’s board (acid-free), Book canvas, Iron-on transfer paper (optional)are quiet by the students from their homes and market. Then prasenjitzoology@gmail.\r\ncom 2 BOOK binding they started the work following the book binding procedure as stated. My students enjoyed this very much and many of them well-tried this on their own. • EXPERIENCES †Teaching children about the publishing business entails more(prenominal) than writing stories and creating characters. In fact, you can deal any English lesson into a crafts project by introducing children to bookbinding activities. • DIFFICULTI ES †Manipulatives and experiments are teaching aids that the children are allowed to play with and touch.\r\nHence it was a time consuming process. FROM:7. feed BACK FROM:• STUDENTS †The participants were fully satisfied and wished such computer program to be of more and more so that they could modify their knowledge & activity. This is the spirit of teaching and learning. With reach on activities they acquire first-hand knowledge which inspires them to pursue the written report of publishing to become successful who is the wealth of a nation. • COLLEAGUES †They highly appreciated such activities more and more so that the students can easily understand their lessons.\r\nThe students can test these works without any fear of cost or breakage. This is so simple that the students themselves can make them for the joy of learning science. Teaching children bookbinding is a way for them to become part of this long tradition of book arts in a fun and fan tastic way. • MENTOR †He thanked me so that I have done the work accordingly in intricacy with my students in my institution. This will be proved very useful in rural and urban schools as well. ************* prasenjitzoology@gmail. com 3\r\n'

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'History of Middletown, New Jersey Essay\r'

'A Starbuck or Panera Bread at nearly each corner, high rise condominiums and modern day architectural structures line the city of Middle town, refreshing Jersey. This is the everyday television of my classtown located north of the Navesink River in Monmouth County. Yes, I let noticed beautiful state parks, a decipherable post, and signs for tourist, entirely not cosmos a tourist, I neer realized or c bed much for why Middletown correct attracted tourists. I was looking forward to this research paper, because it gave me an fortune to actually learn the historical significance of where I lived.\r\nI put the proverbial â€Å"tourist eyelid” on and took to the streets. What I learned amazed and embarrassed me, Middletown was encased in history, reasonmarks and all I fundamentally new was where to get my latte in the morning. forwards seeing the â€Å"sights” that I passed by so many an(prenominal) times without pause, I wanted to learn approximately the h istory of Middletown itself, the simple facts. The township was settled in l665 by the face who migrated from Long Island, refreshful York and New England. They had to purchase the land from the local Indian tribes and ab initio established three closures; the Portland Point, Shrewsbury and Middletown.\r\nThe towns were organized as vocalisation of the Monmouth County in l693. Portland Point didn’t progress, but the cardinal remaining villages prospered and were deemed as the â€Å"Two Towns of the Navesink” (Gabrielan, 2003). Middletown’s historical included playing a part in the basal War. A vast number of residents stayed hard-core to England and while other(a)s fount for their independence. According to Randall Barielan, â€Å"the conflict in New Jersey was a virtual complaisant war. Enemy participants in the major battle in New Jersey were headed toward Middletown. British forces hid in the Middletown hills during the battles.\r\nI never imagin ed my hometown shared a piece of our domain’s history. It’s a small town of about 60,000 mountain, on the Navesink River. Unfortunately, we did have thirty-six residents egest on September 11th, but with that aside our aversion rate is 0. 6 per 1,000 people (epodunk. com, 2007). Until this paper I thought of Middletown as a quaint village with the most im adjureive feature being that Bruce Springsteen, Geraldo Riviera and Vince Lombardi were born. Since I did pass a few â€Å"old” performes on my way to a Starbucks, I thought I’d esearch the spirituality history of Middletown. There were some(prenominal) different denominations early on with the Baptist Church founded in 1688, the oldest church in New Jersey, with at to the lowest degree one half of the original settlers known to be of this faith.\r\nThe All Saints Memorial Church in Navesink, founded in l864 and officially becoming a matter diachronic Landmark in1988. Richard Upjohn, a visionary of this time gunpoint, with his English Gothic Revival architect, was chosen to construct the church laying the cornerstone in l863. According to thither official website; www. allsaintsnavesink. rg, the church was awarded a â€Å"grant from the New Jersey Historic Trust to develop a foresighted term preservation plan. ” The story so-and-so the Episcopal Christ Church, build in l702 is interesting. It was not about England settlers getting together to worship; it was much of a â€Å"missionary venture. ” Colonial Governor, Lewis Morris, wrote to the Bishop of London of the people of Middletown: â€Å"There is no much(prenominal) thing as a church or religion among them. They are perhaps, the most ignorant and wicked people in the world…” The Bishop send two Anglican priests to â€Å" further” Middletown.\r\nThat was over three hundred days ago and the Christ Church still stiff an progressive congregation (christchurchmiddletown. org). Ano ther area of Middletown I wasn’t aware of, is snuggled away high on a hill and called the pissing Witch Club, founded in 1895. A 50 acre â€Å"historic paradise,” added to the National cross-file of Historic Places in 2003. It is known for its â€Å"exclusive lodge culture,” and architecture. The Witch Club enticed visits by famous architects such as Frank A. Wright and Yew York are rich and famous.\r\n curtly there are forty-four homes at Water Witch Club that amazingly kept its â€Å" nonmodern charm,” end-to-end its history. A breathtaking site on top of a hill, which escaped me for so long (Van Develde, 2003). Before I introduce you and myself, to the some(prenominal) other historic landmarks in Middletown, there is one fact I was surprised to unveil. Middletown’s daily newspaper, the measure Herald-Record, often called simply, â€Å"The Record,” was the first cold offset press in the country, published in 1851.\r\nSubsequently, in 1956, the Middletown perfunctory Record, the first U. S. newspaper to use cold character, printed from a garage, ignited competition for the Record. In l969 the two paper merged into the Sunday Record, but reverted back to the propagation Herald-Record in 2007. The form of this newspaper from cold type to a website, in 2008, shows a timeline of innovations (record online. com). Now, back to being a tourist, I set forth to find the historical landmarks my locale had preserved for generations. Marlpit Hall was built in several stages and completed in 1756. It was the home of loyalist Edward Taylor and his family.\r\nTaylor was held under brook arrest for his policy-making views and missed most of his wealth and influence. In l936, the house was donated to the Monmouth County Historical sleeper. The Association restored it to become the first house museum in the region. Marlpit has pentad rooms all equipt to depict its setting from l756 through 1820. It is â€Å"key situat ion” in the National Register of Historic Places in Middletown Village. A â€Å"spin-off” of the Marlpit Hall is the Taylor-Butler House, built in 1853 by descendents of the Marlpit’s Taylor family. Joseph Taylor and his married woman, Mary originally called it the woodlet Home.\r\nThey were particular in furnishing the home with family heirlooms. Mary was the furthermost to live in the house, which remained vacant for ten years after her death in 1930. Henry Ludwig Kramer, a famous architect, bought it for his home and office, restoring its historical venue. George and Alice Butler bought it from Kramer in the l950’s; in turn the Monmouth County Historical Association bought the estate in l999. Actually the Association itself has an historical place in Middletown, too. It was founded in l898 by a group of citizens committed to preserving the history of Monmouth County.\r\nThey built a three story Georgian building in l931 to house a museum and library (c o. monmouth. nj). Middletown has two historic bring abouthouses; the Murray Farmhouse and the Moses D. heath Farm. The Murray Farmhouse and barn was built in l770 and remains on its original foundation. Joseph Murray and his mother arrived from Ireland in l767 to Monmouth County where he met and married Rebecca Morris, and had four children. Joseph joined the â€Å"local militia,” when the Revolutionary War began. He acquired the nickname, â€Å"daring, notorious rebel,” because he was â€Å"openly defiant of British rule. ”\r\nThe farm remained in the family until l861, and had several owners until it was purchased in 1973 by the Middletown townsfolk to â€Å"save the land from development. ” Today the house is not entranceible to the popular but there are continuous veritable(a)ts and tours passim the barn and farmland (poricypark. org). The Moses D. Heath Farm provides access to numerous exhibits to illustrate the historical importance of kingd om in Monmouth County. They include; 19th light speed farm â€Å"artifacts, Gertrude Neidlinger (1911-1998) Spy House collection, and a running(a) dearest bee colony and museum. ” The farm promotes the legacy of the Heath family, principally\r\nBertha C. Heath. Heath’s father, Clinton was a former striver until the Civil War freed him, and he fled to Middletown with his brother Calvin; who later on became the first preacher at the Clinton Chapel Zion Church, founded in 1870. After he was settled as a crop farmer he sent for his wife and thirteen children. Bertha being the â€Å"youngest of 6 girls. ” Born in the farm homestead on July 22, 1909, she ran two miles for a â€Å"trolley to restoration her to school,” each morning. Bertha was exceptionally graduating from Middletown Township High School in 1926 she moved to upper berth Manhattan, New York City and lived there for forty-four years.\r\nDuring this period she graduated from the Harlem Hospi tal School of Nursing, received a Bachelor of Science degree in customary Health form New York University, in 1958, and a Master of Science degree from Columbia University. Bertha went beyond what a black women was allowed or able to do, and enjoyed working as a registered nurse until her retirement in 1974. Bertha with the help of her nephew, Walter Spradley and countless volunteers, organized the Heath concenter raw History Committee, which still participates in Black History Month celebrations.\r\nThe property has remained in the Heath Family since the post Civil War years and born-again into the center of New Jersey’s black agricultural history. Visiting the farm is the ultimate family experience. along with exhibits already mentioned, there is a children’s educational garden, blacksmith shop, sugar can mill and â€Å"demonstrations on how kingdom was conducted in the l9th century,” (heahfarm. tripod. com). The remainder landmark I’ll critical review is the Sandy Hook beacon light. Built in l764 it is the oldest lighthouse in the nation and one of the twelve constructed onwards the Revolutionary War.\r\nIt is octagonal, and rises eight-five feet preceding(prenominal) the ground and eighty-eight feet above the water. New York originally financed Sand Hook because the merchants lost a lot of money and crew members from shipwrecks. American and English troops both wanted consider of the lighthouse during the war, so New York congressmen gave the order to darken it to deter British ships. This proved ineffective, the British sent a landing party to relight Sandy Hook. The Americans even tried to destroy the lighthouse with cannons, but did weensy damage to its structure.\r\nThe British controlled Sandy Hook throughout the Revolution. â€Å"The original tower of the Sandy Hook Lighthouse still stands. ” Another interesting note from the National Park Service is that the lighthouse originally stood five hundred fee t from the northern end of Sandy Hook, and now, because of the authoritative of the water, â€Å"the light is five-eighths of a mile from the point. ” Ironically the light continues to help mariners, as it has â€Å"faithfully done for the last l96 years,” and was designated a National Landmark on January 29, 1964 (nps. gov). painful how much a tourist learns about a place you call home?\r\nI had to travel in they’re shoes to notice the subject historic landmarks, hidden natural treasures and areas steeped in history, literally in my own backyard. What an indelible past set(p) behind my everyday sights of the Gothic designed church, the farmhouses, and restored l9th century homes. It is like seeing Middletown for the first time, through the look of an interested stranger. My walk to Starbucks takes on a exclusively different meaning for me now; I take it slower, observe the artistic landscape and take self-conceit in knowing I’m move down a path t hrough history.\r\n'

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'A God Divided: Understanding the Differences Between Islam, Christianity and Judaism Essay\r'

'Christianity, Islam and Judaism, be the dry land’s greatest monotheist faiths. These faiths do round a ilk(p)ities and differences. In this motif analysis of what is harsh amongst Islam, Judaism and Christianity is analyzed at an in-depth level. Islam is the dry land’s largest piety after Christianity. It is a monotheistic faith that traces its roots in the tenderness East. galore(postnominal) of its practices and beliefs be likeness with Christianity and Judaism. Judaism, Islam and Christianity, be referred collectively as â€Å"Abrahamic idolize” violatefulnessce their history could be traced to God’s covenant with Abraham in the Hebrews Bible. It is mootd that Prophet Muhammad met Christians and Jews in his life sentence and as such Islam has come into contact with similar monotheistic religions through and throughout its history (Pater boy 216). The following paragraphs wear the differences and similarities between Islam, Christi anity and Judaism. It gives a detailed analysis of statistics, history, spiritual beliefs and origin of the greatest monotheistic faiths.\r\nThe adherents of Christianity, Judaism and Islam respectively are 2 jillion Christians, 14 million Jews and over one billion Islamics. Compared to other faiths in the world, Christianity is the largest faith, then Islam and Judaism ranks 12 amongst world faiths. The major concentration of Islam is South East Asia and Middle East. Judaism concentration is in America, Europe and Israel. Christianity has a unfluctuating growth in Africa, Europe, North and South America. Islam’s divine text is the Koran, for the Jews it is the account bind and the Christians it is the Jewish bible and the New Testament. Other create verbally authorities by these faiths are: hadith for the Muslims, Midrash, Talmud and Responsa for the Jews. The Christians charter especially the Catholics consider church councils, papal decrees, church fathers as havin g compose authority. The cardinal religions both sop up religious police (Catherwood 192). For the Christians, it is the Canon law, for Muslim it is the sharia law, for Jews it is the Halakhah. another(prenominal) relation amongst the trinity well-nigh faiths is the aim of the clergy. For the Muslims the clergy is made up of imams, the Jews encounter rabbis and the Christian’s clergy comprises of the priests, ministers, bishops and pastors. The trine faiths both cod a house of worship. The Jews worship at the synagogue, the Muslims at the mosque and Christians at the church, cathedral or chapel service. Christianity, Islam and Judaism in any case realize a similarity in the sense that they have a circumstantial day of worship. Christians worship on Sunday, Muslim on Friday and Jews on Saturday. For church and state, Islam the religion is integrated to the state time, for Christianity and Judaism, it is separate.\r\nFor the origin and history of these faiths, Is lam was founded in 622 CE, Christianity in c. 33 CE and the dates for beginning of Judaism are still unknown. Judaism and Christianity were founded in Palestine musical composition Islam was founded in Saudi Arabia. two faiths had opens. The founder of Christianity is Jesus, for Islam it is Muhammad and for Judaism it is Moses or Abraham. two faiths have an sea captain language. The original language of Islam was Arabic, for Judaism it was Hebrew and for Christianity, it was Aramaic and Greek. Both faiths had an early expansion plan. For Islam, in 12 years, the entire Arabic Peninsula had Islam and in a century, Islamism stretched throughout the Atlantic to China.\r\nJudaism had small expansion that was representativeicular(a) to the Palestine regions only. In 60 years, Christianity had expanded and had churches in cities in Turkey, Rome, Palestine and Greek; by the fourth century their expansion was throughout the entire papistic Empire. Another similarity amongst the lead faiths is the major splits aspects. In Islam, the split was in 650 CE amongst the Shia and Sunni. For Judaism, in the 1800s CE the split was amongst the Reform and Orthodox. Amongst the Christians, the splits were two in1054 CE amongst the Catholic and orthodox and in1500s CE amongst the catholic and Protestants.\r\nSimilarity could also be made on the religious beliefs amongst Christians, Islam and Judaism. For Islam and Judaism, they are strictly monotheist slice Christians are Trinitarian monotheist (David 37). Another super C characteristic in the belief system of the three faiths is the ultimate reality where Christianity, Judaism and Islam have one God. The three faiths have unwraps for God. Muslims refer to Him as Allah which is Arabic for God. Jews refer to Him as Yahweh and Elohim objet dart Christians refer to him as the holy trinity and Yahweh.\r\nThe three faiths both retrieve in other spiritual beings like for the Islam, they have demons, angels and jinn. The Jew s and Christians have demons and angels. Another common characteristic of the three faiths religious beliefs are the revered forgivings. The Shia Muslims have prophets and imams while the Jews have prophets. The Christians have saints and church fathers. The religious views of the three faiths on the Jesus Christ’s identicalness are different and similar in some way. The Muslim commits that He is God’s straightforward prophet whose message has been corrupted. The Jews consider him a faux prophet while the Christians confide he is the parole of God, the world’s savior and God incarnate.\r\nThe Christians and Muslims retrieve the redeem of Jesus was a virgin pay while the Jew banks it was just a normal birth. The Christians and Jews count that Jesus emitd by crucifixion on the mess up while the Muslims believe He did not buy the farm but ascended into heaven during crucifixion. On the resurrection of Jesus, the Muslims and Jews denied it while the C hristians nourish it. On the second coming of Jesus, the Muslims and Christians beared it while the Jews deny it. The three faiths also have a similarity in terms of divine divine revealing where the Muslims believe it is through Muhammad as written in the Quran. The Jews believe through prophets as written in the bible and the Christians through prophets and Jesus as written in the bible. Another similarity of the three faiths in religious beliefs is their views on the sacred text.\r\nThe Christians and the Muslims believe that the sacred text is inspired, and it is the literal word of God and some believe unerring in original languages. For Judaism, the views qualify. The three faiths also have a similarity on human nature. The Jews and Muslims believe on the equal skill for humans to do right or black while the Christians believe on the original sin from Adam on the tendency towards atrocious.\r\nAnother expectant similarity amongst the three faiths is the religious bel ief on means of salvation. They all believe that means to salvation is the through righteous deeds. However, some Christians believe in sacraments while the Protestants believe the means to salvation is through faith only (David 307). They also have a similarity on God’s office staff in salvation. The Muslims and Christians believe it is the predestination while the Jews believe it is the divine revelation and forgiveness. The religious belief of Christians and Muslims on the good afterlife is similar as they believe in eternal paradise while the Jews views vary as it is either no afterlife or heaven. On bad afterlife, Christians and Muslim believe in eternal hell. For Catholics, they believe in temporary purgatory. The views of Jews on the bad afterlife vary from, reincarnation, eternal Gehenna or no afterlife. The view of the three faiths on oath Abrahamic religions is similar and positive. The Muslims believe that Christians and Jews are people of the book and are respe cted but have uncomplete revelations and wrong beliefs. The Jews believe that Christianity and Islam are simulated description of Judaism. Christians, on the other hand, believe that Islamism is a fabricated religion and Judaism has false interpretation but is a true religion.\r\nBoth Christians and Muslims believe in the presence of the clergy. The Muslim clergy is made up of imams while that of Christians comprises of bishops, ministers, priests and pastors. Both religions have a house of worship. Muslims worship at the mosque while Christians worship in a church, chapel or cathedral. Both Muslims and Christians have a detail day set aside for worship (Novak, 2001). or so Christians worship on Sunday or Saturday, while the Islamic day of worship is Friday. The Islamic religion is integrated to the state while that of Christianity is separate. Muhammad is believed to be the founder of the Islamic religion while the founder of Christianity is Jesus. The original language used by Muslims was Arabic and that of Christians was Aramaic and Greek. The two religions concur on the perspective of human nature whereby Muslims believe in the equal energy for humans to do right or evil while the Christians believe on the original sin from Adam on the trend towards evil.\r\nIslam and Christianity have specific religious beliefs that are different. Muslims are strictly monotheist while Christians are Trinitarian monotheist. The two religions have a common feature in the belief system as evidenced by their ultimate reality and worship for one supernatural being-God. The only difference is the name they use for God. The Muslim name for God is Allah which is Arabic for God and that of Christians is the Holy Trinity or Yahweh. Another similarity of the two religions in religious beliefs is their views on the sacred text. The Christians and the Muslims believe that the sacred text is inspired, and it is the unbiased word of God and some believe inerrant in original lang uages\r\nAnother outstanding similarity amongst the Christians, Muslims and Jews is rituals. All the three faiths conduct rituals to fit in their faiths. In Christianity, amongst the Catholics, there is the sacrament, which includes the Holy Eucharist and Baptism. In Roman Catholicism, other rituals are included like: Confirmation, Penance, Holy Orders, Marriages and Anointment of the sick. Prayer is a part of the faith too. In Islamism, there are tail fin fundamental rituals considered as the pillars of Islam. They include the Shaddah which is the faith profession, salah which is five times daily prayer, zakat which is alms giving, sawm which is fasting in Ramadan and hajj that is the pilgrimage to Mecca.\r\nThe Jewish rituals include the circumcision of newborn born males, bar mitzvah that is a service celebrating the adulthood of Jewish boys and shabat which is Sabbath observation. The religious views of the three faiths on the Jesus Christ’s identity are different and similar in some way. The Muslim believes that He is God’s true prophet whose message has been corrupted (Catherwood 192). The Jews consider him a false prophet while the Christians believe he is the son of God, the world’s savior and God incarnate. The Christians and Muslims believe the birth of Jesus was a virgin birth while the Jew believes it was just a normal birth. The Christians and Jews believe that Jesus died by crucifixion on the ball up while the Muslims believe He did not die but ascended into heaven during crucifixion. On the resurrection of Jesus, the Muslims and Jews denied it while the Christians affirm it. On the second coming of Jesus, the Muslims and Christians affirmed it while the Jews deny it. The three faiths also have a similarity in terms of divine revelation where the Muslims believe it is through Muhammad as written in the Quran. The Jews believe through prophets as written in the bible and the Christians through prophets and Jesus as written in the bible. In conclusion, most believers in the rate of flow world still have no on the nose basis for their beliefs. It is important for both Muslims and Christians to have operate knowledge and perspectives in their beliefs. This is because there have been some(prenominal) attempts to redefine religion to fit in the afoot(predicate) social agendas.\r\nReferences\r\nCatherwood, Christopher. A God Divided: intelligence the Differences Between Islam, Christianity and Judaism. Eastbourne: David C Cook, 2007.\r\nLiepert, David. Muslim, Christian, and Jew: Finding a itinerary to Peace Our Faiths Can Share. Nottingham: Faith of Life Publishing, 2010.\r\nPaterson, Andrea C. ternion Monotheistic Faiths †Judaism, Christianity, Islam: An Analysis and Brief History. New York: AuthorHouse, 2009.\r\n ancestor document\r\n'