Saturday, June 8, 2019

The Thomas Kincaid Galleries Essay Example for Free

The Thomas Kincaid Galleries renderConsider what you bet of as art and then try to explain what makes it art. What do you respond to in a work of art? Is it the way it looks, or the way it makes you feel or the ideas it brings to mind? How important are the nominateal qualities?. How important is the content? Should integrity be subservient to the other? These are somewhat subjective criteria and there are really no right and wrong answers, but please think intimately the question soberly and be sure to reference actual works of art in your discussion to illustrate your ideas. The schoolbook of the question seriously and be sure to reference actual works of art in your discussion to illustrate your ideas. Hands on Art Project 100 points occasion a work of art that makes a statement. It can be done in any medium you like. See what materials you might already have on hand.. (i. e. crayons, markers, fabric scraps, paints or any interesting objects that would serve your purpo se. ) It can be composed completely of collaged images or found objects so that you do not direct to be able to draw.The work can make a political or social statement or it can be of a much personal nature, but you need to be able to verbalize the basic premise of the piece. The purpose of this project is to experience some of the processes of creating a work of art. Essay 2 Compare and Contrast The text of this essay is to be at least 750 words 160 points 1. Select a work of art from the text (preferably a color image) 2. First, spend time looking thoroughly at this work of art, then write an analysis of it. Think in terms of subject, form and content.Look for the elements of design and the principles of organization. How is the artist using shape, color, line, and texture? How is the piece balanced? What rhythms are established? Do we get a sense of movement? How is he or she using these formal aspects to help convey a mood, or idea? Also, you may want to find out a little about the artists and the historical period they represent. What do you think was the purpose for making this piece? What do you think they were trying to say? 3. Find another work that is kindred in some way.For example, two still-lifes, portraits, landscapes, or works on a similar theme, like mother and child, the crucifixion, etc. Look carefully at both, compare, and production line the two. Again, think in terms of form, subject and content. How are they similar? In what ways are they different? Be specific. 4. Respond to these works of art, both critically and personally. Do you think they are equally successful as works of art? why? How do they make you feel? Do you like them? Why or why not? Essay 3 Art Review (at least. 500 words) 100 Points Go to an art exhibition at a museum or gallery near you.Colleges universities often have art exhibitions on campus. This must be an actual, not a virtual exhibition. (Note The Thomas Kincaid galleries are not gratifying for this assignmen t) Look at the whole show and give your overall impression of the show. Does the show have a theme? What kind of work does it include? make out a piece or two to describe (as you did in the compare and contrast essay. ) Did you like the work? Why or why not? Which pieces were peculiarly meaningful? The Thomas Kincaid Galleries are not suitable for this assignment.

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